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10-17-2017, 03:52 PM
If you could fix the UI for Key Bindings it would help. The problem is you designed the Key Bindings to act like a Controller. I have a Controller but I like the KB. for gaming.
Right off the bat with the toilet I have to use w-s-a-d with my L hand, then the arrow keys with my R hand then it tells me to push the Y key, what with my Freaking Nose?
This was a real stretch for my fingers but I did it but I quit playing due to Key Bindings. I know you can reset the bindings but you can not select L MB, R MB or the Scroll Wheel, 3 crucial things a PC Gamer uses. I am lucky I use all Roccat Devices & I have multiple options for using my mouse buttons but that is not the point.
I have to come up with a way to hold 2 buttons down at the same time while I use a 3rd button. The Mouse still works to attack but I do not think the R MB blocks so I can let the Mouse do some things but you guys screwed up the PC version as far as Key Strokes goes & holding down Keys.