View Full Version : Some advice for those struggling against Assassins

10-16-2017, 06:42 PM
A great many people have been struggling vs spammy assassin players since the time snap removal. I thought this may have been common knowledge, but just in case...watch the way the assassin dodges, their guard is set that way. If they dodge to their left (your right) then they will either have to take the time to switch guard and attack, or attack from the side they dodged towards. If they dodge to their right, same sort of deal, and if they dodge forward its an overhead.
As a Nobushi player with about average reflexes I usually feint a heavy to bait a dodging attack. If they go for the dodge attack, parry, if they just dodge, attack to either side that they did not dodge to for some fairly easy damage (the timing will take practice and vary by character).
Against a Shinobi with the double dodge mix-up, don't be afraid to go for a roll to disengage, they'll be forced to adapt and most likely get impatient. The goal is to make them adapt first by not rewarding their play style. For those that simply walk up to you and spam, try and out zone/reach them, this is difficult with some characters, so again, don't be afraid to roll away and re-engage.
For the most part try to force them and play on the evasive by being aggressive and keeping a level head, if you poke/slice them whenever they close in they're not able to spam and have to keep distance.

In summary: Watch dodges to predict lights, roll and re-engage if they start spamming, be aggressive so they have to be careful

Hope it helps, inputs and tweaks appreciated.