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10-16-2017, 10:13 AM

Have a sugestion. A thing that im always thinking abut when people say strategy. Dimensions. I like variety of dimensions you can operate when you play a strategy, Very very few devs are thinking about that when they are making their RTS. I beleive Homeworld would be able to take prize in that with their 360 degrees thinking.
What i mean is why not creating several dimensions of operating??!?!?! You kinda nailed it in anno 2040 when you made the under sea expansion. But im thinking of more. Why not getting an opportunity to build subterrainial stuff? Like when you build a mine so you could develope it under the earth level, Or building tunnels under the terrains? Maybe even some infrastructure? I was always thrilled by gameplay in an classic oldy like Earth 2150 if you guys can recall that one.

Anyway thats what im suggests - subterrainial building

10-16-2017, 06:35 PM
That is a nice idea! :)
I have heard something a bit similar like that, but with sewers.
And i would also like to see your idea's in game, it would make it an extra interesting game. ;)

10-16-2017, 07:20 PM
Obviously you would have stay within what was possible within the 19th century (to a certain degree, Anno isn't 100% realistic in all aspects). You also have to consider how a subterranean level would be displayed, especially if it were underneath buildings. It worked in 2070 as it was easy to display the underwater plateaus (?? not sure what the pural is of this lol) as just underwater islands, and there wasn't really multiple things on top of each other, apart from the odd ship every now and again.

With sewers it wouldn't be an issue, as you would just make the buildings on top dissapear temporarily, but if underground building was done a lot, and you needed to see what is above it, it could end up to be quite the challenge to implement effectively so as not to confuse the user.