View Full Version : Dual Hidden Blades now One

10-16-2017, 06:09 AM
Was it ever explained both in lore and by the developers with they changed the dual hidden blades to just one ? Even in the Chronicles games the characters have only one hidden blade . I know is a silly question,but it bothers me so much ,I can't be the only one annoyed by this.


10-16-2017, 07:18 AM
I think it was because of Unity's skill system. It was sort of half-baked to begin with, with really weird criteria for unlocking skill points (hidden collectibles in co-op missions? wtf?) and to pad out the Stealth skill tree, they just removed several basic abilities we had had since AC2 and made you purchase them as unlockable skills. One of those was Double Assassinate, so instead of making double kills possible by virtue of simply having two blades, they made it an unlockable ability. Had they given you two blades at the start, like all the games ACB thru AC4 did, it would have been weird not to be able to do double kills (because why else would you even have the other blade?) and if they physically gave you another blade, they'd have to contend with the customization mechanic, fitting another bracer on every outfit so that it wouldn't cause any clipping issues.

Fast forward a year, and Syndicate reuses all of Unity's assassination animations, so there's no double blade again (though Evie and Javob actually do each have a second blade, which can be seen in some of their combat finishers and the Lord Cardigan unique kill). And Origins is continuing the trend because Altair was presumably the first to use double blades in the established canon.

EDIT- and regarding Chronicles... those games were essentially 2D, so it was impossible for guards to actually stand next to each other on the z-axis in a configuration where you could kill two of them at once. Having double blades would have been kind of pointless, so they stayed with one.