View Full Version : Current assassin meta on console.

10-15-2017, 09:58 PM
Anybody else getting kind bored of just fighting assassins on console? I'm not trying to knock other players
But it gets repetitive fighting nothing but assassins on console. It's laughably easy to play them in the current post timesnap removal state of the game. Seems like every duel/brawl I play has a roach, Shino, zerk, pk, or glad. I've tried to pick one of them up just for tourney but I can't force myself to "learn" them just dosent feel like a challenge.

10-15-2017, 10:52 PM
Assassins let you play the don't get hit game. With timesnap gone, parrying and cgb is more difficult so just play toons that don't even need to deal with it. Dodge attack spam ftw.

10-15-2017, 11:06 PM
I know what you mean, I've experienced the class disparity leaning towards Assassins too. They tend to make up about 50% of all characters in games I play. They really do tend to get pretty dull after a while, I prefer the back-and-forth you might get out of 2 Vanguards or Hybrids.

10-16-2017, 12:26 AM
I welcome Assassins, I play Nobushi. I don't play Brawl anymore because it's not fun. And duel I can easily beat Assassins, they might get a round on me but they atleast Assassins FIGHT you. They play by a rhythm and have certain patterns down to which side they are going to dash to. Once you interrupt it they are nothing because most assassins don't have a Plan B. Like PK she gap closes with her Top heavy, if you parry that everytime she will no longer use that move and now have to Dash Zone and cancel the second part and all you have to do is guard your right or left depend on which side she is facing you.

But with heavies? No those chumps just sit and turtle. I don't play Duel but I did play a good amount of Tournaments and everytime I lose in the finals or Semi finals is from Shugoki. Waits to parry gb free heavy or get wall splatted and its his unblockable and now half your health is gone, can't pressure him because I have crap stamina and if I hurt him alot she just turtles find a parry, throw against wall and free hug, and then spam taunts in my face. He's slow but effective, you play by his rhythm, one swing and a headbutt and your oomed if not almost.

Once again coming from somebody who plays Hybrid, Heavies are way worse to fight in a duel/brawl than assassins.

Assassins: "Figure out their pattern, boom dead"
Tanks: "God this is gonna be such a SLOW methodical game"

P.S. The worse part is the Shugokis in Tournament aren't even mains most of the time I fought a Rep 22 Shugoki main and every match was intense and once I get past him the person who played an assassin or cent previously, switches to a level 5 Shug in the finals and just turtles and wins.