View Full Version : Hero Series 4 vs 4 tournament, Ubi help us

10-15-2017, 07:07 AM
Dear Forum Leaders,

we need your help, the community wants to watch the 4 vs 4 Dominion matches, with the big Youtubers and pro players recorded, because we could not watch it live. The recorded tape of the tournament is not on the Ubisoft+ Ubisfot US Youtube and twitch account, not on ESL (they are only the wins, losses, but not the videos of the matches.) They are not on the twitch account of the pro players who participated in the tournament (I havent checked everbodys twitch account.)

Respected Forum Leaders, help us, and send us a link, or the videos where we can watch the For Honor tournament. And in the future give us the weblinks, in the future Warriors Dens, where we can find the live chanel, and after that where we can watch the Team Fight Hero Series recorded, when we could not watch it live.

Thanks for your help