View Full Version : Last week connection issues are horrible.

GMG Peter
10-14-2017, 12:24 PM
I mean it's easier/faster to find a match at all. That is a good job done.

But the other side is that :

- 8 of 10 dominion matches have some problem, while joining the game, or i get disconnected shortly after i actually join. Sometimes multiple ppl are disconnected at once, sometimes I am only left in the game with 7 bots..

- in brawls and duels it's more stable and there are many ppl leaving, because they cannot carry out the loss lol. Disconnections from server are rare to me here.

Elim & skirmish
- I used to grind here for exp in vs AI modes and yesterday i was waiting 15min in elimination lobby to find no single game to join.. so I switched to skirmish with same results.
Are these gamemodes dead on XB1?? No one plays them? :O

ps : i have green NAT

10-14-2017, 12:31 PM
Welcome to Ubifail.

10-14-2017, 03:23 PM
Just because you have a green nat doesnt mean everyone in your game does. Every online game I've tried this past week has had one or more red nat players in it even yellows and the occasional nat that bounces around on all 3 colors. I'm on xbox aswell. Its been like this since release for me.

One game this one guy was red nat. He went 11 - 0. Every time he would fight resyncs and disconnects would happen. After a few resyncs and a few players left. I watched him closely. Ya I made the decision not to pvp here til dedicated servers come. After seeing that. That was just wrong and should never be happening in an online game. It was sad really it was.

Did the tournament beta aswell this weekend. My first match was vs a red nat pk. I took my beating and waited. Multiple players left. Which pushed me into the finals. But I was stuck at your match is about to begin for over an hour even after waiting the first 20mins for matches to end. Ya I ended up taking the penalty after one bs fight and a 1hr 20mins waiting on the next one. I'm just trying to fight someone. I'm not doing a 6 hour Raid.

10-14-2017, 07:11 PM
Can't play in EST until 5-6pm otherwise you play people in another world and the connection is utterly shat. The programmers in this game are bad too.