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WL Siiiii
10-14-2017, 12:01 PM

First time on the PTS so I thought I would give the following feedback/bugs which I have encountered.


1) . Pier South Wave Encounter (enemies are gathering)
Died at the end wave 2/3, respawned at wolves den and then went back to my death location. Wave was still active, killed remaining npc's including named npc but encounter is not cleared down. Marker shows npc's 100m away from encounter location, I follow markers then markers disappear. Kill npc's and encounter still not cleared.


Died again and respawned, went back to same location and new npc's including named npc had respawned, killed them and wave ended.


2) . Tac' Not Proc'ing With Sensor Turret
Running 6 piece classified tac build, sensor turret hitting npcs, but not proc'ing up the tac bonus. Tried taking off a few pieces and putting them back on but still nothing, when npc's hit with a weapon proc is started but only hits from a weapon count. Is this intentional?

Got a friend to try with normal tac build (4 piece) and same issue.

Also noticed that when firing on npc's with weapons the tac bonus is proc'ing a lot quicker on 1.8 than 1.7.1


Also, when team members are shooting NPCs, tac bonus is not being proc'd. This is how it works on 1.7.1


3) . Resistance Audio

Some of the recordings overlap, some also play at incorrect times.


Stating I am the last agent alive (group was all alive)
30 seconds reminder repeating
10 seconds reminder repeating


4) . Elites In Resistance 1 Shot Melee

Maybe as intended but I thought I would list this as a potential bug. Getting close to an Elite in Resistance ends up with a 1 shot melee like when running a legendary mission.

To recreate, progress to a wave where Elites spawn. Get up close and allow them to melee you. Friend with D3 build also experienced this with full shield health.


5) . Ignorant NPC's In B.O.O and Camp Clinton

Been around since day 1 this but when you're in your menu, and an NPC walks past it throws you out! Highly annoying, either stop the NPC from doing this or allow us to shot them :D :D :D


1) . Safe house in Piers North would be helpful, maybe in between pier 93 and powerhouse resistance.
2) . Drop rate for classified gear is too low, needs increasing a little more on named npc's or added into the loot pool for normal npc's.
3) . Division Tech zones to grey out once all tech has been looted (light/dark zone).
4) . Add Division Tech zones to all of the light zone.
5) . Resistance is great fun and very challenging! :)

Will update with more if/when I find them.

10-14-2017, 08:19 PM
A few I have found as well...

1. Using D3 in Resistance mode, once you try to sprint with the shield still equipped, you run in slow motion. It didn't happen outside of the event so I thought maybe it was due to the event except it doesn't happen with any other gear set. If you roll while moving in slow motion, you go back to normal speed until you stop long enough for the shield to come back up (not from cooldown) and do it again, same result. It doesn't occur every time so I'm not sure what "sets if off."

2. Drones get stuck on top of trailers during Resistance. They usually don't move until taking fire and even then sometimes they still don't move.

3. SHD tech still drops in weird places that are inaccessible to the player.

4. The legendary grenade issue is still there. You are pushed out of cover before a grenade ever actually hits you.

5. Healing delays or sometimes not healing at all until you hit the button numerous times (varies greatly).

6. I posted elsewhere but the Predator set is a little OP. The bleed is too much on a build that tanky.

7. I'm not sure if it's intentional but the "PVP Rank" showed that I was level 40 with ~77k until the next level. From 1.7.1, I was looking at ~200k until I received an LS cache. Is it intentional to not carry over the current player XP to 1.8? If so, I've a lost a lot of XP and have to start over as if I just hit level 40. More of a frustration than anything.

I'll keep posting more as I see them. I highly encourage everyone that is scrolling through these forums and plating 1.8 pts to post anything they come across. Might be nothing but it might be significant. If you want game fixes in place before this thing goes live, contribute!

WL Siiiii
10-14-2017, 11:16 PM
Update added to main post.

10-15-2017, 01:20 AM
3rd Phase Undergound - Hard - Tier 5 - Elevator in final Section opened but was like a wall, and would not let me enter elevator

10-15-2017, 01:40 AM
In Resistance, the annonuncer doesnt recognize the critical objective is complete and will say 60 seconds left to complete the critical objective even if it has already been completed

10-15-2017, 01:55 PM
In Resistance, the annonuncer doesnt recognize the critical objective is complete and will say 60 seconds left to complete the critical objective even if it has already been completed

Yes same here she ends up saying "better luck next time" even if completed

10-15-2017, 01:59 PM
Not sure if its as intended, but is the sticky BFB back to no delay before explosion? If so cool with me, its helping ro balance the talents of the other gearsets, IE pred mark, alpha..etc thumbs up if so.

10-15-2017, 02:18 PM

one of the best features if reclaimer 6 peice bonus was rhe revival time bonus, to me it will make it less attractive for players ro want to obtain/use, the health od the box dosnt matter due to the 50% chance of no cooldown when an enemy deatroys it. I will not use this gearset if this is how it would be in 1.8 it renders it useless, as of right now in the live game the faster revival still dosnt save the player in pvp, so why make it even worst. Its supposed to a healer, when people invest in electronics they are pretty weak, so it evens out for them to have a chance to get back up. If not bring back rhe consumables bonus for team. Or at least try it out on the PTS for a bit. There has to be something that players will be like " YES I want that set"
Thats my feedback on reclaimer

10-15-2017, 03:29 PM
Skirmish right now will match make with 4 v 1, not really able to get the full expierence, kind of sucks getting spawn killed when it allows the game to start wirh just me on my team, and 4 in rhe other

10-15-2017, 05:09 PM
The classified drop rates need to be increased, if the only way to get them consistently and easily is during the GE, that will turn off new players, or players that have families and can not sit in front if the game for a week straight to get classified gear. And they will be up against 6 peice classified people in the DZ or other pvp parts of the game. Maybe make the DZ 8 and 9 bosses drop them more often, or in the underground, "after killing x amount of hunters, you get a classified peice " etc. I understand that to the grinders comes the rewards, but you dont want new players to put the game down, or even day one players, due to not be able to obtain better gear because they are not able to grind missions for days or weeks at a time, since the GE i personally have only seen 2 classified peices drop from the DZ only, no last stand or open world bosses. So you can see my point, it shouldnt take weeks upon weeks to get a set, nevermimd a peice of classifieds.

Theres my 2 cents for feedback