View Full Version : Skill balancing pretty good

10-13-2017, 07:26 PM
Look at 4v4 dom matchups, it seems like it's trying to match teams pretty good. If one team has a higher rep, 180 gear toon, there's one like it on the other team, while there could also be two one rep players on each team, etc. Given low pop this seems petty good ubi, to balance each team vs other team.

10-14-2017, 01:01 AM
Lol? I join games half way through when the score is 600-0. If it's based off of skill balancing then most my team mates suck at this game.

10-14-2017, 10:52 PM
That's a population issue, which is very true. My point is i think they're coding is pretty good compared to other games, with respect to this anyways.