View Full Version : HIGHLANDER missing parry animation in heavy chains on console!

10-13-2017, 07:14 PM
Hi guys I'm playing highlander on console and not only it's obvious that they didn't bother BALANCING him at all but he is missing the PARRY animation on the second heavy in some chains as well! It's a damn big bug for a hero charged so many money in a game supposed to be triple A(money they ask are for sure is triple A)! To trigger this "bug" 100%, do a custom match higlander vs highlander and parry his second heavy in a heavy->heavy chains. Please reply if you can and just know that english is not my language so there could be mistake. Thank you anyway

10-13-2017, 10:16 PM
I think I saw your post on the Steam forums, or at least a similar report of this there. I've made sure to make a note on it and it'll be forwarded to the team.

10-17-2017, 12:06 AM
Thank you for your fast replay, i wasn't sure if the console version and the pc were two different things that's why i posted here and on steam. He has other issues by the way that you may want to have a look at: his unlocked attacks in dominion seem to track his own soldiers and teammates, His recovery on top heavy and celtic curse top heavy seems to be so slow that if you hit someone after a knock down just before he recovers, if when he stand up he has green stamina he has a free guard break since the highlander will be stil stuck in his recovery animation. Many of his attacks have a significant delay between when you input the comand and when it is executed. He lacks stamina to be "mixup intensive" and playing in offensive form resolve into perfoming at best two actions then you have to go out (the lack of stamina turns all his mix up game into something extremely ripetitive and predictble) , in fact he has less mix up game than pretty much everyone in my opinion ,in offensive stance one single cancel consume around 30 %, 40% of his entire stamina bar, his light consume around 25%.When you fast flow from a light attack fast heroes can simply attack you before you can perform pretty much anything,pulling you out from offensive stance, they can lock you in place simply by using their light attacks cause your lights are too slow, your dodge is slow, the recovery after the dodge is extremely long, armor on your heavy kicks in too late. he is unable to deal with people that simply back dodge, one of the optins should be fast flow in offensive form and dodge forward to catch them but since you cannot cancel the dodge effectively into a kick or a a light ar anything else, you dodge into a not counterable guardbreak.A good way to be able tol and an heavy in iffensive form woulb be dodge back and attack to punish people that keep the pressure but you cannot do because his recovery on back dodge his again extremely slow even if you are in offensive form.. In defensive form his cancels are extremely slow, his recovery on pretty much everything is so long he looks like he is standing still for a while before being able to act again. His kick and toss sometimes whiff for no reason and sometimes the followup attack is not garanteed. This character is very unlucky still has a good fanbase and many like me have been pushed to buy the entire season pass cause they read "hard hitter mix up intensive" and wanted to support Ubi so let's try to fix it please.I thank you for your time