View Full Version : bug: UI GPS route disappears (in-game view, mini-map, map)

10-13-2017, 05:15 PM
repro steps
1. start inside Camp Clinton
2. open may and set GPS waypoint for West Side Piers Alert
3. observe GPS route is displayed
4. exit map view
5. observe GPS route is displayed on mini-map and in-game view
6. exit building and follow route through gate
7. observe in-game view shows GPS route and 12th Ave text
8. follow route and go through checkpoint?
9. observe GPS route disappears from in-game view and mini-map
10. open map and observe GPS route has disappeared
11. hover over West Side Piers Alert
12. observe at upper left corner, (a) Deselect is displayed

note: if you return inside Camp Clinton building, the GPS route re-appears for in-game view, mini-map and map

actual behavior
GPS route disappears, but map thinks the waypoint is still selected

expected behavior
GPS route to persist in in-game view, mini-map and map

repro, 3x
- fast traveled to Camp Clinton
- quit game from Xbox Guide
- re-launched 1.8 PTS and followed steps above