View Full Version : PTS 1.8 feedback 13/10

thatZ no m00n
10-13-2017, 11:42 AM
Couple of other things I've found:

What was I doing:
Lincoln Tunnel (hard and challenging solo)

Issue found:
during the defend the JTF officer phase, whilst taking cover behind the barrier at the entrance to the tunnel, if the AI hid out out of site and I had to leave cover and vault over the barrier the JTF officer would start to take damage. There were no AI in the tunnel that could cause damage.

If the AI were far enough away from the tunnel entrance the only way to complete this section was to let the timer run out (I.e. Sat in cover for a couple of minutes). If I attempted to chase down the AI the JTF officer would lose health and die quickly.

What was I doing:
DZ (both rogue and non-rogue)

Issue found:
I don't play DZ often so this may be working as intended. When not grouped with other agents, but located within their vicinity my heals (both from my station and first aid) so old heal other agents.

I was fortunate to be able to test this both as a rogue and non rogue with a couple of other agents (not grouped). Whilst rogue I took a player down to 25% health with other players healing the player back to full health (you could visibly see the bar increase).

Also when using booster shot for instance the damage increase / damage resistance icon would flash up on nearby agents when I put down my first aid, again this happened whilst not grouped. The nears agents confirmed they received both buffs.

I was also non rogue and able to heal non grouped players as well. This essentially means a group of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10+ non rogue players who are not grouped are able to constantly heal each other. Combine this with a few players wearing 6 piece nomad and you have a near invincible rogue hunting team. I'm all for rogue hunting but this heavily stacks the odds towards the non rogues.