View Full Version : A tiny bit of Nostalgia. Including previous music and narrators into the game!

10-12-2017, 11:09 PM
I would like to suggest a little feature, maybe as a hidden easter egg or a as reward or maybe even as a very small dlc.
I am talking about the music from Anno 1602/1503 and the narrators!

This idea is something that I would love to have in other games too, for example the music from "Need for Speed Underground 1&2" brought into the new NFS's as a hidden gem or if really wanted as a dlc. And this is just an example! I dont know why nobody ever thought of this before, I would even spend extra money to get these music and the feels back! But back to topic:

Anno, beeing an atmospherical game, works a lot with music, so bringing back those old masterpieces, milestones of nostalgia, would be beyond awesome!
As for the use/implementation, how can we introduce them into the game(remember certain music is played in certain situations!):

a) The music could simply be added to the standart music sortiment,
b) possibly excluding/including songs. Aka you can choose which songs/music you would like to hear/exclude,
c) a "random" event, where suddenly only the 1602 music plays for half an hour maybe. (Maybe even a "surprise" toggle where this feature could be turned off, aso.)

a) random event. For example: Finding a new island has a 1/100 chance to trigger "Die Ressourcen dieser Insel sind erkundet" or problems/needs of your people will be said by the old narrator.
b) permanent narrator. A bit more difficult since you need to voice everything

Means to get those two features:
a) random easter egg
b) achievement reward
c) DLC

I personally would be more than happy already if parts of this would get included as small easter eggs, but including this as achivement reward(personal favorite) or even as a small dlc could work for me too. And its naturally expandable to all of the Anno games.
So what do you think about this?
This is obviously a very, very, low priority idea/project, but its the details that brings things alive :P


10-13-2017, 10:08 AM
I am pretty much neutral on most of your suggestions however i do like they will have a good rewarding achievement system.
The best one till now was the 1404 achievement system but i think it can do even better then that.
The sadest part about all the anno games was that ornemental buildings never had a funciton apart from your ways of making your town beautiful. It hing some (unexploitable) )bonusses could come with them. Happinas or tax bonus or increased inhabitants bonus or something like that.