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10-09-2017, 08:44 PM
Hello! See below for an outline of updated features for Just Dance Now version 2.0.6.

o App icon update
o Code refactoring/fixes

• Connection issue fixes

- Now the app tries to reconnect when connection is lost
- When app is running in the background for too long, the game reboots

• Storage optimization: app takes up less space on phone storage
o UI/UX polish

• Improved Web & Phone readability (bigger fonts, no more border on covers, category font more legible, improved interactions & animations)
• Polished video preview on phone: loading spinner + stretched cover fixed
• Improved transitions on phone
• Free category now disappears on phone and web when user is VIP
• Easier Navigation on phone: can swipe on extended cover
• Audio updates: Same menu music and revamped SFX as in Just Dance 2018
• Anchored FAQ: now the phone links to the FAQ and refers user to the right sections in the FAQ webpage
• Avatar equip confirmation popup : When a new avatar is unlocked, a popup asking if user would like to equip it is deployed

10-25-2017, 02:46 PM

Could someone explain to me the structure in how many coins are awarded per song? I've scoured the web and can only find info that seems to relate to an older version of the game.3 people have started playing the game at the same time and we get three different amounts of coins per dance (15,25 &30) !! it makes no sense, this happens regardless of points awarded

thank you

10-26-2017, 03:24 PM
Hello there nuddel33,

We forwarded your message to the team and the feedback we gathered is that coins are awarded based on various algorithms that may vary from player to player randomly – hence why you might earn 15 coins after a dance, whereas a friend earns 25 coins. We are still perfecting the system, however, and plan to eventually have the same reward amount for everyone. :)

Thanks for reaching out to us!