View Full Version : Chapter softlock at 4-3

10-09-2017, 01:05 PM
Hi all! Thank you for an amazing game :)

The reproduction is as follows :

- Start chapter 4-3
- Win the first battle
- When entering the puzzle afterwards, lift the first rabbid statue
- Put it on yellow and lift it again
- Go back where you came from

This will make the statue spawn back to where it last was, i.e. the yellow stand. The puzzle is theoretically solved but the next battle trigger did not spawn. The statue is inaccessible. The only option is to warp back to the beginning of the chapter.

This seems related to the fact that going by the bridge you came from resets the position of the statue.

I think it should either make all the statues warp back to where they were at the very beginning, or give a chapter reset warning like I've seen in world 2.

Thank you for your time !