View Full Version : [Maintenance Ended] Ghost War Has Launched!

10-09-2017, 10:14 AM
The PC maintenance is now over, which means that Ghost War is now available on all platforms!
Thank you for your patience throughout the day, Ghosts. Make sure to download the latest patch to access it, reboot your clients/game launcher and have fun!

UPDATE 6.52 AM UTC: The maintenance will be starting in about 8 minutes.
UPDATE 7.00 AM UTC: The maintenance to deploy Ghost War on XB1/PS4 has started. It should last about 10 hours. PC will also be under maintenance for two hours. We will let you know once it is over and update this thread regularly.
UPDATE 7.30 AM UTC: PC Maintenance being extended today to 5pm UTC. This will make the final Ghost War deployment maintenance on that platform shorter.
UPDATE 10.45 AM UTC: The maintenance is still on-going and everything is going well so far. Estimated end: 5pm UTC. In the meantime, dont hesitate to read the Title Update 8 Patch Notes here (http://ubi.li/n946x).
UPDATE 12.12 PM UTC: The maintenance continues.
UPDATE 1.30 PM UTC: The maintenance is still ongoing. We appreciate your patience.

PC: the maintenance we executed in order to shorten the length of the maintenance well have on Thursday is now over. We are still working on a fix for the technical issue that is delaying the release of Ghost War on PC and we will update you as soon as one is confirmed.
XboxOne: Maintenance should be over at 5pm UTC, as planned
PS4: we have to extend the PS4 maintenance until 7pm UTC. Were sorry for the inconvenience and will let you know as soon as the maintenance is over.

The PS4 maintenance is over and Ghost War is available.
On XboxOne, we are aware of some matchmaking issues and will need to operate a 10min server reboot at 6:10pm UTC. Depending on the result, we may need to have another maintenance until to 7pm UTC. We're sorry for the inconvenience and will keep you updated.
We need to extend the XboxOne maintenance to 6:40pm UTC to do more server tests. we will keep you updated
We are extending the maintenance on PS4 until 7pm UTC. We will keep you updated once the maintenance is over.
The PS4 and Xbox One maintenances are over and Ghost War is now available on both platforms. :)
The team is now focusing its efforts on bringing Ghost War and Title update 8 to PC as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.
UPDATE 9pm UTC: Good*news: we will be able to deploy the fix on the PC version to bring you Ghost War in less than 2 hours. :)
We will start a 1 hour maintenance at 9:15pm UTC and will keep you updated once its over.

We will be delaying the release of Ghost War on PC to Thursday, October 12th, 11am UTC due to a technical issue with Title Update 8. We are doing everything we can to fix the issue as quickly as possible. We will keep you regularly updated on our progress in this forum thread and on social channels.


Next Tuesday from 7am UTC, we will operate an exceptional 10h maintenance in order to update our servers for the upcoming PvP free update for Ghost Recon Wildlands: Ghost War. This maintenance will also include a new patch for the campaign mode.

We will share our patch notes around 12pm UTC on October 10th. Please note that Ghost War wont be available for play before the end of the maintenance. In the meantime, we will update this thread regularly to let you know about the maintenance.

This maintenance will only impact the online play. If you are already in a game from the moment when the maintenance starts, your session will be put to offline mode so that you can still be able to play the game solo with your 3 AI teammates.

Ghost Recon Network will also be down for maintenance from now until this Thursday, Oct. 12th at 12 noon UTC.