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10-09-2017, 08:51 AM
So to give the dev's an idea of what we the players feel abpout the ai let's do talk some about them...

So until 2070 anno always had ai players who seemly can do everything you can do and no more ore less. I'd really like to see this return
in 2070 The ai only build decorative stuff with little to no purpose, i really didn't like that especially when they go to war with you and they just pour warships out of their shipyards like it's nothing...

I really liked the way ai behaved in 1404 where alot of their decissions where influenced with how powerfull you are, Yet i think this could be more advanced by also seeing if you pose a threat to them or not.

Another thing Wich i found a bit of ashame that the ai never built (apart from the palace with had sadly no function) any bigger projects like monuments, or the ai at some point just stops expanding. An ai should always be expanding and the type of character could say how agrresive he/she is in this. Same goes for decent roads, the ai never builts those. If the ai build nice cities it would be nice to see that as well. Also simple things like this could reflect the style of this particular character. A nobleman type ai will sooner built decent roads and ornamental buildings then a unuion type guy would, perhaps he never builds decent roads. It would be nice to be able to identify every city according to wich ai player is running it.

Perhaps diplomacy could somewhat be more involved as well. Aplayer could try to bride you to go(or end) into a war with another player.
I also tought diplomatics on your behalf where also limited, for example you could only give bribes to other players. You cannot say hey i got a big bribe for you here IF you accept to peace. I think this is something wich also should be implemented.

IF the city you build in 1800 allows you to have choices on stuff It would also be nice to see player react on that as well.
Like 2070 where eco ai where happy when you solved quests for eco guys and same with tycoons. But i think this can go beyond quests, if they go with the revolution with heping the unions to get good care or just try to supress them it would be nice to have the ai players interact on that as well.

So what do you guys think the ai should or should not do?

10-09-2017, 10:29 PM
I did generally like the idea of AI building different cities than yours especially given the corporate theme of 2070. It adds some variety and lead to create more unique identities for different AI players (like Sokow building tons of oil wells).
The main problem lies in the fact that you had no clue how their economy functions (probably because there was no underlying economy to their settlements at all). However, even earlier Anno games were plagued by the same problems to some degree, in which the AI was seemingly building its cities under the same circumstances as yours. The AI has always cheated to some extent.

As long as these mechanics are properly explained I have no problem with a specific AI working with a different set of rules.

Regarding diplomacy, I'm very cautious to ask for more complexity since 9/10 times those "complex" diplomacy features are super easy to exploit. Of course I'm not opposed to a great, in depth diplomacy menu but I think this requires a lot of effort to make it interesting and useful but not exploitable.

10-10-2017, 07:52 AM
Yeah well i don't mind the ai to cheat a little bit, in the end we have more logic sense to react to situations so we are cheating to the ai as well...
As for exploits is going it might be a nice idea to have several ai players use a few exploits themselfs as well.
Like you have the irrigation exploit in 1404 (wich i only discovered after +300 hours cuzz they don't give info on that).

10-10-2017, 09:10 AM
Major exploits may just be patched post-release if necessary.

The Noria Exploit (http://anno1404.wikia.com/wiki/Noria_exploit) as its called was actually super useful, and I think ended up impacting the game in a good way, as it opened the possiblity for a lot of new farms and production layouts. I've posted a couple myself (coffee and perfume), that would not be possible if not for Noria Exploit. The payoff is that its very expensive to pay for the (usually) 3-6 extra Norias (I think they cost 20 each in maintenance) that you needed for the exploit to work, making it only worthwile for big cities. Additionally you would then have to pay cost to refill them, which happened a lot more when using the exploit as you could have 8-10 farms pulling from 4-5 Norias every single time.

Obviously the Reinforced Wells from Ibn al Hakim got rid of one of these negatives by making Norias infinite. It was a very rare item though, I remember going 40 hours into a game (real-time, and I use fast forward a lot), and not getting it.