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10-08-2017, 04:17 PM
Musashi was a famous ronin that was born in 1584, near Osaka in Japan. To this day martial artists around the world hail him as the greatest samurai of history, winning over 60 duels in his lifetime (that were recorded) (obviously for AC games purposes there can be numerous things he has done which hasnt been recorded).
According to the lore of assassins creed in 'AC memories', the Osaka brotherhood of assassins were formed around that time with 'Hattori Hanzo' doing his stuff too.

however there is no mention at all of Musashi in assassins wiki. Ubisoft shouldnt look at Musashi being a historical figure as a downsize to casting him as a protagonist for an AC game set in Japan... this is an opportunity.
Assassins creed has prided itself on revisiting historical times and players have always walked away knowing more about history...
'But since Musashi is a well documented figure we will have to limit player choice on assasssinations' .... no not at all. You could simply advance the animus tech further, merge it with 'big data' and AI.

big data thats been gathered from individuals in the present can be used by sufficiently advance AI algorithms to predict behaviour, or possibilities....
SO WHY NOT FOR THE PAST AS WELL, and the animus is one of the most reliable/indepth sources of info gathering? one person in the present alone has more than a hundred ancestors in a particular time period, its exponential ..so the data is there

>would help AC become more of an rpg
>dialogue choices for the first time , and would make sense lore wise
>branching story lines > the present day storyline characters could make use of this fact to search out information in alternate histories
>IF THE PLAYER WANTED 100% SYNCH, THEN HE WOULD HAVE TO DO RESEARCH ON SOME HISTORICAL EVENTS OR ATLEAST MUSASHIS CHOICES, giving the game a reach into real life/ encouraging to learn about history

I have more ideas about gameplay mechanics and an 'upgrade' to the combat in origins by using the 5 elements; earth,wind,fire,water,void > its something that fits thematically. its not in anyway supernatural or fantasy. these 5 elements are schools of thought on fighting/strategy in 'Budo'. for example fighting as water is like a wave(not literally), its good to use against tougher bigger opponents who are slow> you essentially synch with ur opponents momentum as you grab him and then turn it around (like wave), therefore using his own force against him. I dont know much about this but i do know its part of Budo and it would definitely give more depth to the combat system to incorporate something like this. wind could be jumping from enemy to enemy, you arent JUST a samurai or ninja afterall .... you are an assassin too .. so the combat needs to look cool when mastered while being challenging and easily dead with a mistake or two.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

10-08-2017, 11:31 PM
I've always felt that Assassin's Creed Japan should be set during the Meiji era, when Western influences caused the Emperor to disband the Samurai.

In this case, the Samurai would be helped by the Assassins, since they were a counterbalance to the centralized authority of the Emperor, through the Shogun. The Templars would be helping the Emperor, with the idea that the modernization of Japan, and bringing Japan into a position to interact with and trade with nations around the world would lead to the growth and development of Japan.

As usual, both sides would believe they are right.

12-25-2017, 09:30 AM
its nice . thanks
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