View Full Version : I am done.

10-07-2017, 01:11 PM
It's now the fourth tournament I lose because of a disconnection.
I have online problems only with this game. If you plan to be competitive, ubisoft, there's two things you need to do. Balance the ****ing game (one stun out of three doesn't connect because a character will not move forward while doing it ; Some characters are too fast in comparison to the damages they can deal ; ****ing centurions and shinobis...) and stop with this peer to peer stupidity.

A competitive game, to actually work, MUST have some sense of fairness, justice into it. If you lose, it's not because of luck, connection, or a damn mechanic that should work but somehow didn't. It's because the other guy outsmarted you or is better.

This game has potentials and I really did everything to stay positive about it. But now, I'm done. Not only is it a waste of time half the time due to disconnections, but it is bloody unfair and frustrating.

Yeah, wave good bye and consider this just another angry rant. But you'll lose, piece after piece, your players, even those who, like me, kept playing despite of those flaws, considering it would be fixed. I've been calm and tolerating about this game, because I loved it. Now I'm, just like many players, simply bored and sick of having investing so much in such a waste of time.

Well, guess what. It has not yet been fixed and it never will. Even if somehow we got real servers before the end of 2018, some characters simply aren't meant to fight each others equally. It's not that they're OP : They're just different and fun killing.

I am done, just like many other players. Keep your Orochi players and their sharingan naruto emblems. Keep your spammers who disrespect while exploiting flaws in the game. Keep your unbalance and your connection problems.

I'm out.

10-08-2017, 03:06 AM
I got no issue with your rant.
It's completely understandable, seeing as how by many measures this game is half broken at this stage of it's development.

I only started playing this summer, so I guess I still have more patience and addiction left for it.

But the only thing I found odd in your rant was the one character you chose to call out in your unbalanced complaints?