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10-06-2017, 01:35 PM
So i got a idea of 3 new game modes for samurai, viking and knights i will post a short description below let me know what you think.

1: knights = crusade
you are gonna help the knights take over cities or some maps in for honor in different ways like the story mode with the huge ram and convert people (npcs) to the knight or kill them if they refuse. These are harder to kill npcs that use characters in game they are all lvl 3 bots.

2: vikings = pillage

I didnt really think this 1 through but i can give a general idea. So the food (buffs) is scarce and you start with a small debuff and the enemy faction that is trying to stop you also has a little debuff since food is scarce and you are gonna fight over it with npcs included and real life players. (This looks alot like dominion so changes are appreciated)

3: samurai = redemption

I also didnt really think this 1 through so feedback is appreciated.
You and your team are exiled samurai and start in jail (like story mode) and one of the npcs sets you free fom your jail (this happens to a random player).
When you are free you have 2 minutes to find yourself your own weapon which is hidden in the building and a key to set your teammates free. (You can try to find your teammates their weapons as well and give it to them). When you are all free fight your way out and prove that you do not deserve to be in jail (npcs included with helping you).

This is just a general idea so put your own idea down here so we can improve some of the ideas.


10-06-2017, 06:26 PM