View Full Version : @Ubisoft CC, hitboxs and the way its programmed

10-04-2017, 11:18 PM
CC is different than normal attacks and grabs in the sense that they just count as a X move into X space, this cause the dodge of that moves to be really unreliable, make it like common moves, if you dodge it and you have a wall you still dodge it since you timed it at the right time, also this is a exception since most of the time you actually dodged cc moves and they still hit you, the worst culprit of this is centurion fast jab after heavy, its undodgable if you dont have a perfect link with the other player, and that happens a lot + if you are a heavy or medium sized character with slow dodge, its really unreliable.

This happens since the launch of the game since its programmed that way. You need to make it like attacks and grabs.