View Full Version : Kensei vs the Turtle.

10-03-2017, 04:39 AM
....I already know. that's the sad part. I've played since launch and after climbing to plat 3 off some people who didn't understand feinting i hit the wall.The "well, the devs are gonna fix him and the defensive meta eventually but for now play a different character" wall. no openers. no reliable exchange that you can force the opponent into. 0 tools. Scratch that, negative tools since he's the second most choreographed character behind shugoki and everything i do will get parried or just completely ignored and blocked if it isnt the obvious dash forward into helmsplitter. :l so yeah. I know that fixes are coming. and that's cool and all. but it's hella hopeless and depressing playing this game the way I want to and having less than whats a likely 30% chance of winning off the bat. It doesn't take much to beat kensei. just time, and a sense of sadism.

May have to lay this nodachi down for good.

Until next depressing rant,
Peace. and gl in your games. we all need it Q_Q

10-03-2017, 12:45 PM
Kensei isn't the only one..

10-05-2017, 01:01 AM
In the case of Kensei, we do have specific plans for him in the future and hopefully these changes will be able to address many of the concerns you have regarding him.
We don't have any more information to give just yet, but rest assured that we'll bring him back to you better and stronger, and we'll reunite the two of you once again.