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09-29-2017, 03:52 PM
Hello everyone,

I was wondering why there is no way to customize my buttons on PS4 pad in For Honor game itself. In PS4 settings menu there is a section where I can swap some buttons but I can not switch left stick (movement control) to any other buttons. You can only swap stick form left to right and thats it.

I am also using Hama Ultimate controler so that I can play For Honor with keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately, one function, which is full guard stance, does not work with mouse because I can not hold the "down" button to keep guarding since mouse downward movement does not count as holding the button.

Does anybody have any idea if Ubisoft is planning to implement button customization for PS4 pad?



09-29-2017, 07:02 PM
Not at this time, but different presets will be available soon and the team is still working on remapping:

Alternative Gamepad Presets
[Improvement] The available layouts are:
Default: The default Gamepad buttons layout.
Layout 1: Swapped (X/Square) with (LB/L1) and Quickchat commands are selectable by the D-Pad.
Layout 2: Swapped (X/Square) with (RS Click/R3) and Quickchat commands are selectable by the D-Pad.
Developer Comments: This is the first step into providing more customizable gamepad buttons for all players. We gathered community feedback from multiple sources to identify the alternative layouts and added them to the game.

I'm not really clear on how this would work with unofficial controllers though.