View Full Version : What is For Honor right now?

09-28-2017, 10:50 PM
Devs, you guys failed this game, let's be honest. It's not getting any better, it's getting worse and I've had enough. I've had enough of this poorly maintained, bug ridden game just limping along like it somehow didn't come from a huge triple A studio. The experimental p2p network you people decided was just about good enough is getting worse and worse and worse and nothing is being done about it. Only lip service promises of servers sometime half a year from now when people from the Alpha told you to launch with servers. Half a year.... Be honest with yourselves, look at the state this game is in right now and has been since launch. You really think you can afford half a year to diddle around? I doubt even Roman is that arrogant.

Meanwhile the bugs keep on getting worse and keep on increasing in number.
- There's a bug that restarts the match
- There's a bug that removes your lock on
- There's a bug that never lets you control your character when starting a match and instead you just stare at the map
- There's a bug that freezes you on the "re-establishing connection" screen forever until you decide to pull the plug and enjoy a leavers penalty for your troubles
- There's a bug that sends you back in time just a few milliseconds, just enough to revert an execution you may have scored
- There's a bug that means you can no longer view the character's individual rep levels in the match starting screen
- There's numerous bugs that created numerous sound issues for numerous characters' emotes, most of which are now mute like the female Orochi

There's a bug for every colour in the rainbow right now. Season 3. 7 plus months on from release. And we are more than a month after the Season 3 update and i's small patch that brought with it some of these bugs. Where are the patches? The hotfixes? Nowhere to be seen. The dev team is a skeleton crew, culled to a smaller size than some indie studios. Why should I respect this kind of attitude towards your own workmanship? I'm tired of this attitude like the game is fine. Another dude on here said before leaving; if this game fails, you absolutely deserve it. If it actually gets its **** together then it means you fixed what you yourselves allowed to be broken in the first place so small kudos but nothing more. He was right.