View Full Version : What dialoge/message and etc made you think in AC?

09-28-2017, 05:13 PM
There are certain moments in AC were you really start thinking about what the characters say and do so that is what I want to talk about. What lines made you think?
Nothing is true everything is permitted is one interesting quote in the AC franchise that has multiple meanings but I find Ezio's one the best.
If nothing is true than why believe anything at all- Edward Kenway


Not only nostalgia but it gives so much insight into Ezio and the Brotherhood:)

not everything deserves to live- Callum Lynch (Assassin's Creed the Movie 2016)

This is an interesting line that also reminded me of AC1 when Altair said that some men are not to be reasoned with, it did made me think in the cinema over the Assassin order (and why the hell Callum even cares about the Creed ooh yeah mommy) but many people do believe that other people don't need to exist if it threatens their way of thinking over the world. I do personally say that I do believe some people are not to be reasoned with but that does not mean I will kill them and I can't really predict the future of what happens after the murder so I won't go in to this more.

For in much wisdom, is much grief, and he that increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow- Al Mualin (AC1)

I found this really interesting and whenever I ingrease my knowledge on a game/movie/book/comic I do feel a bit sorrow because the mystery is gone a bit and I have no one to share it with ooh well that has to do with the social part of the brain.

Even those men you sought to save have turned their backs on you. Yet you fight, you resist, why?- Charles Lee

I do sometimes wonder why the Assassin's keep fighting the Templars and than I remember the line that no one else will.

Altair's thoughts on God in the Codex in AC2 believe me check it out it's interesting.

That books are rewritten by men and can change over time by Modern words

Most parts with Warren Vidic in AC1

And so much more but what lines or quotes made you think?