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09-27-2017, 10:21 PM
I have absolutely no clue how beating a turtle shinobi is possible.He walks faster, dodges further and all he does is wait for me to try to hit him with anything and he dodges and punishes you, flips away and starts all of the **** again.
Not balanced at all, fix this ****

09-27-2017, 11:08 PM
Not to burst your bubble, but a vast majority of the community agrees the Shinobi is actually in a very bad place right now. I wouldn't even be surprised if on tomorrow's Warrior's Den, they announce a buff to his hp and perhaps tweek some of his move to, for instance, allow front rolling when a ranged heavy is blocked.

#1 : In duels

He can be annoying while he turtles ; but at the same time, if "turtling" is that player's strategy, know that he has the worst reflex stance in the game, the lowest hp in the game and his kick punish deals only 25 damage on the ranged heavy as opposed to other heroes being able to punish with much, much higher damage from a guardbreak heavy, parry punish or out of stamina punish. For instance, a Warden's top heavy is 40 damage.

Again : If you want to be a "turtle" character, there are much, much better heroes to do it with than the Shinobi.

If you have trouble with a turtling Shinobi that just wait for you to attack into double dodge kick ranged heavy, do the following : Feint a heavy --> dodge the kick --> Parry the following heavy or CGB the ranged GB. Keep in mind you need to do this about 3 time to kill the shinobi. The shinobi has to do this 5-6 times to kill you. With practice, odds will become in your favor.

#2 In Dominion :

Dominion is where the Shinobi truly shines in my opinion. Unexpected ranged guardbreak to help your teamate into a "stunning sickle rain" is borderline overpowered. But at the same time, with gear stats on, know that the Shinobi gets ONE SHOTTED by Highlanders, or loses about 80% of his HP from a single Run+Poke wall splat lawbringer's combo or a comboed Raider's Fury. A team with 1 Shinobi is fine, but you truly cripple your team if you bring more than 1 Shinobi.

09-27-2017, 11:28 PM
What hero were you playing as? Do you have a clip of the fight? Maybe we can offer some tips for counterplay.
Even though Shinobi is notoriously slippery, he's also very squishy so it might just be about waiting for the right opportunity for a big punish. He can't indefinitely attack/run away forever since he does have to also manage his stamina pool as well.