View Full Version : Ships and transport

09-25-2017, 09:08 PM
I would like to see the same type of world as in 2205 with each continent.
And to make matters even more difficult for the game developers.
Have the transport times affected by seasons and trade
A shipment from Australia should take more time than a shipment from North Africa.
Have ships lost at sea from more than hostile

Ships chance of making it depends on crews, ships condition and such. Meaning you can have a rather bad shape ship able to short distance sailing, but transporting Tea from India, you would want an expensive Tea clipper, transporting tusk from Greenland, you need something solid.
Did not get the tea to London as fast as your competitors? Sorry, you fetch a lower price.

And if you really want to give the developers nightmares, have added complications, like food store being rotten, crew gets sick, storms, ice all those things. Yes, you can send your ships up river in Africa to fetch a better price, but with an added chance of your crew catching Malaria and the whole shipment get lost at sea anyhow.
Or you might need to consider some more weapons on a run to China that has Cantonese Pirates, than one up the coast to Bergen, Norway.