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09-24-2017, 06:03 PM
One thing I beloved on 2070 : the choice of the starting faction (Eco or Tycoon). This is awesome and increase the durability of the game (one of the biggest weak point that 2205 was criticized for).

What do you think about that ? Am I the only one interested in being able to choose our starting faction on 1800, between 2 or even 3 factions ? Maybe it's not too late for them to implement it, if they havn't already do this ?

09-24-2017, 06:49 PM
I think having factions is a good idea, but I think its better to have a few factions (2-3), done well. I'm also struggling to see where factions would fit into 1800, I don't feel like they could have the uniqueness within the time period. WIth Anno 2070, the 2 factions worked very well, with the Techs being neutral, not involved in the politics.

09-25-2017, 10:07 AM
The only moment when i would like factions in anno is at the moment they also need alot of the same resources.
Trading between eco's and tycoons was none existent since they had almost no common goods.
I like it way better like the "factions" in 1404 where they needed each other to create the basic resources needed for advanced goods.

But i also think they should be able to function on their own as well.
So perhaps every faction has an easier way to produce some of the basic resources over the others. Pretty much like the tycoons could make oil easier then the eco's and the eco's could make power easier then the tycoons on islands without coal. (apart from power was not tradable...)

This way you could promote trading amongst factions since buying it might be cheaper then to produce it on a more expansive way because of the limits of your own faction.

09-25-2017, 10:48 AM
I think I would prefer the factions to have different needs, with no overlaps. I don't feel like I would enjoy the game as much if I had to produce the same good for 2 different islands/factions. I'd much rather focus on optimising individual goods for the different factions.

As long as the good isn't a final good for a population, then having different ways to produce the raw material is fine amongst different factions. Just in terms of reality, there isn't too many different ways to produce raw materials, let alone more efficient ways. People always try to maximise and find the cheapest route for the most reward. Within the time period, generations of efficiency could be relevant, but Anno doesn't necessarily show a passage of time, more of a snapshot of the time.

The Anno 1404 system is definitely something I agree with you on, I would definitely like to see something like that again.

10-04-2017, 03:41 PM
Another thing wich could make faction interesting:
What if every faction has it's own needs like we know from 1404/2070, But Can consume products at a slower rate for a tax bonus.
A tax bonus wich would be big enough to make it worth buying them without the need of having a constant supply.
This way we would see more diffrent trading behavior instead of the usual buy resources and building material and sell everything else.
If the trade route brakes there is no problem since the population does not need these products to advance or be satisfied, it is just a tax bonus.

I think this could drasticly encourage trading between players with diffrent factions.
We all know the benifits of buying stuff, and suddenly you see the benifit of go buy some stuff cuzz it would make you more money over a period of time.
And off course this offers more possibilites end game where you want every faction as a city with all the goods from all the factions for huge profits.