View Full Version : Health, Stamina, and Fatigue.

09-24-2017, 12:41 AM
This Idea started as a way to Nerf the centurion, but I realize it could have a strong overall effect on balance for all characters.
Add a new bar under stamina, a Fatigue bar. This bar would start empty and slowly fill as the character takes hits from unblockable and melee attacks. Once filled, that character would become exhausted (or an equivalent). This would separate the logic of attacking and getting hit, and allow better placement of debuffs when exhausted (or equivalent).
In other words Stamina should be used to keep players being too aggressive in check, and "fatigue" used to reward players for landing consecutive melee/unblockables. As both are now governed by one bar, it makes it nigh impossible to recover after a melee/unblock onslaught, and punishes players who attack these characters by bringing their stamina bar ever closer to exhausting. (Even if careful not aggressive tactics are in use. )

09-24-2017, 01:17 AM
Well the Revenge bar is somewhat similar to what you're suggesting, except it would be interesting to see how players would behave when instead of turtling for a revenge buff, it punishes them instead. I think it would definitely bust defensive meta turtling, but it would make is such that any kind of defensive play is a lose-lose option - seems to me like the winner would always be whoever spams out and hits the most attacks first would win regardless of whether you defended properly or not. While we don't want defensive play to be overboard, it is still important that is is a viable option.

I'll still pass along the suggestion though, but just wanted to offer my thoughts as a player :)