View Full Version : [Tips][Beginner]

Kodie Collings
09-23-2017, 05:54 AM
Here are some basic tips:

Adjust your controls. Increase sensitivity to react faster but make sure you're comfortable with the settings.
Select the class depending on the map. Don't select a sniper when there's no open ground and don't select the Mortar if there are lots of buildings.
Play to your class strengths. Don't push forward as a sniper or sit back as the pointman.
Stick with a team mate but not too close. Keep 15 metres apart at all times.
Aim from the shoulder at close range and down sight at medium/ long range.
Don't shoot constantly. You'll give your position away. Shoot and relocate.
Move fast out in the open/ between cover to cover.
Move slow around enemies and in buildings. They can hear you!
Revive your team mates. GO ON, DO IT! (just make sure the area is clear first)
Lay mines next to explosive barrels and downed enemies.
Use a headset. Communicate effectively with your team.
Don't use hate speech to other team mates. It doesn't help!
Use the arrow marker to show your team mates where enemies are (You can do this while dead)
Don't spam the arrow marker. It's annoying!
Learn from every death. What did you do wrong?