View Full Version : Headwear for the Modern Day Assassin

09-23-2017, 12:54 AM
I was looking at Amazon and saw this odd-looking deal of the day:

The description "Save up to 25% on Select Styles from Buff" didn't sooth my curiosity any. So I did a little research and it turns out it's " multifunctional headwear"--a combination scarf, sweat band, neckerchief that "can be worn 12 different ways from cap to balaclava, neck gaiter to hair tie." And yes, even a hood, of sorts. I'm pretty sure it can even be used as a weapon.


See various hoodies starting at 0:45 and a knotted scarf at 1:35 that could be an effective garrote.

It's not as iconic as an eagle hoodie, but think of how dramatically you could change your appearance just while walking through a crowd. Especially if you had a couple in different colors, and maybe a reversible jacket and convertible pants. It would be almost like Aveline's persona changes without having to find a changing room.


What do you think--is this the perfect accessory for the Modern Day Assassin? Or am I seeing Assassin's Creed in too many places?

I don't think I'll start a poll.