View Full Version : New Chinese items and style in-game?

09-22-2017, 05:59 PM
Quite alright but still there're some small issues in detail.
1 The sword/blade/dao the "looklike" Chinese fighter wields seems like anachronistic: from Zhou to post-Han times, Chinese swords/dao were mostly narrow blades, the backswords includes mostly recurving shaped ones(like khukris) and single handed swords with shorter grips are more classic and standard weapons in the age of AC: Origin background.
2 The braid. There is proof for braids existence in ancient China but it was not that usual for ancient male Chinese. Most braid dipiction appeared in the periods that nomad people reigned over the native. So can we guess he/she will be a nomad/Hunnu traveller who had brought some stuff from the central plain in China?
3 The "dragon(loong pronounced in Chinese) " is the royal and noble symbol when dipicted on clothing, only if the wearer comes from the royal house or the government official, he/she can bear it on clothes. The loong's drawing style doesn't accord with the style in 100 BC.