View Full Version : problems with PTS and the tribute rules

09-21-2017, 09:07 PM
I play a few match in the tribute mode: i found serveral problems:


- I don't understand if the gear work or not

- some attacks become incredible strong ( I suffer 3600 of dmg from shuriken !!!)

- lag and others stuff, players can't fight because some attacks don't work.


-Offensive Bonus is too high, 25% permanent bonus of DMG is too high (immagine + gear stats, unplayble).

-Defensive Bonus has too much cooldown.

-too high times for respawn: if we are 1-1 why i have to wait 20 seconds?

-some feats are too strong for this mode (bombs for example).

- why only 1 get points when put flag into shrine? it' s team work so everyone should take a little points respect.

this is a good mode, it change the playstyle and indeed need hard teamwork, and usually, during the fight, some has to die for protect the others....i like, but pls UBI take a look at rules and PTS .

09-21-2017, 11:23 PM
Here's a helpful link to the known issues thread (https://www.reddit.com/r/ForHonorPTS/comments/71l5fq/public_test_3_tribute_known_issues/) we've established in the FH PTS subreddit. I know we used to have PTS feedback forums here as well, but we've consolidated and decided to have it all done on reddit instead as we usually get more activity there.

Gear stats do apply, there's a visual bug thats preventing it from displaying properly
The attacks doing extra damage thing is weird, and I'll bring it up with the team.
Lag is a bit harder to diagnose, but it's a PTS so it's not wholly unexpected. Hopefully it's not extremely bad and makes the game unplayable, otherwise it should get better as more players come in and everything stabilizes.

As for the rest, thanks for the feedback on the Tribute rules/mechanics! We want to hear more stuff like this to make sure we can get them tweaked them before final release.