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I find it difficult to believe that no one at Ubisoft thought of making a Samurai character with an Otsuchi as their weapon. I'm also surprised that no one has given the Nobushi a male and female option, yet. It's... it's not a massive constraint. Or... is it?

Ronin Lore Idea:

Since the addition of the Ronin in Season 4 is all but certain, I guess I'll just make some suggestions to Ubisoft as to their Feats and history. A Ronin, historically, is a Samurai who has no Daimyo or Shogun to serve. Most likely because they've been disgraced in some manner. So, what about Ronins in For Honor?

Well, I'd guess that the Ronins are disgraced Samurai who were cast out from their society and were sent to some far-off place where they were all left to their own devices. Except, now that the Faction War has been picking up speed, the ruling House of the Samurai, The Chosen, are forced to swallow their pride and go to the off-shoot Vestiges of the Ronins for help and reinforcements.

Their Feats? Well, I think it would be rather unique if the Ronins were a people who had a reputation of traveling all about the place and roaming the continent in search of worthy combatants throughout The Degradation (see the second link at the top of the Thread), so they had gathered technologies and techniques from The Iron Legions and Viking Clans. So, some equipment from both Viking and Knight Heroes.

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Maybe it's too similar to Shugoki's kanabo? But I also don't know what they have in store for the future heroes, so it's always a possibility.