View Full Version : Cyborg Kenny + Purify exploit / bug

09-17-2017, 08:24 PM
This game is riddled with big, exploit and cheats it's amazing. When it not the energy exploit where people can summon 12 energy worth of cards in 2 seconds, we have this latest one.

So the player summon cyborg Kenny. Cyborg Kenny get kills and turn the unit that killed him under the cyborg Kenny player for a few second. This is fine, it's by design. But then, the player plays purify. It purge the "control" effect of the unit that wa turned because of cyborg Kenny but this unit, instead of returning to its original owner, now belongs 100% to the cyborg Kenny player. It's amazingly stupid that this can pass the way testing.

Here is an example:

Player A summon Grand wizard cartman.

Player B summon cyborg Kenny.

Both unit battles and grand wizard cartman kills cyborg Kenny. Cyborg Kenny death effect triggers and now grand wizard cartman goes under the control of player B (expected behavior)

Now player B plays purify, which remove the status effect on grand wizard cartman. But instead of having grand wizard cartman control returning to its original owner (Player A), the unit now belong to player B until it dies.

So for a mere 5 energy, you can permanently steal another players unit. It makes any high level unit useless.

09-20-2017, 08:12 PM
This is a known bug. We're in the process of working on that fix now.