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09-15-2017, 11:25 PM
Hello to everyone,

with this thread I invite you all to share your opinion on the placement of the Heroes and create a tier list.

So what is my intention behind this?
It happens that people try to post a tier list and think it is pretty accurate, and answered to the last one, why it will never be official.

A: long experience with EVERY hero (fighting them and playing them).

B: If you make a tier list based on potential of the heroes, that means only judged/based on theory (the moves set and the stats like dmg, recovery etc)

C: Or if many experienced people bring in their points into one tier list, minimum 2 Persons for each Hero means at least lets say 30 people (because you can be very experienced with more than one hero)

So basically it will be a mix out of all, and more like a poll.

But ok, back to the topic - conditions!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. Gimme some data:
- what is your max Rep
- who is your main(s) or If you play multiple heroes you can list them up if you want
- if you post in here, also check the "I participated" in the poll function (to see how many of you are)

2. Perspective/point of view
here you post your list(s)
- G: for general (not dependent on any mode), pure from the heroes
- D: for duell (1v1)
- M: for multiplayer (4v4s)

Also here is a pattern to keep it simple and clean, just copy it and fill in the number.
- There are 16 Heroes -> so ranking from 1-16
- At first you add the rank for G then for D and then for M in this way "G - D - M" (example with warden)

Warden: 10 - 16 - 6



3. Reasons
This part is free for all to do or not.
- add your explanation on why you set a hero this way
- it can be a short sentence or an essay, that depends on you

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You are all free to participate, casuals, noobs, medis, hardies, pros, competitive, and as well Ubis. :D

I will post the result as soon as I gather enough data, and also keep it updated as far as possible.

09-15-2017, 11:28 PM
My tier list is that there are no tiers.
Just players who know how to play a hero well.

09-15-2017, 11:39 PM
My tier list is that there are no tiers.
Just players who know how to play a hero well.

Basically I share your opinion, and that's why I ask everyone to add their opinion in here.
So it is more like a survey.

And still you can judge the pure heroes kit in general and point out their strength and weakness, and based on this making a tier list - so it doesn't include the skill of a player or the experience. ;)

09-16-2017, 12:57 AM
I'll try to follow your format as closely as I can but bear in mind the following is from the perspective of a casual gamer who plays this game intermittently on weekends when there's free time. This is also from the perspective of someone who mains mostly assassin characters.The format was a bit confusing and this took me a minute to come up with but mostly its comprised of who I find the most challenging to face in each game mode under different conditions. like for instance a centurion premade team, typically under 1 on my list for 4v4 because of its ganking potential but 4th in duel because, though still frustrating he's not unbeatable.

again, these are just my experiences as a casual player using mostly assassin characters, I understand not everyone is going to see it the way I do.


Rep: 36
From highest to lowest reps;
-orochi rep 14
-berserker rep 12
-highlander rep 6
-shinobi rep 3
-gladiator rep 1

Warden: 3-3-10
Conqueror: 9-14-8
Peacekeeper: 2-5-2
Lawbringer: 6-7-5
Centurion: 5-4-1
Gladiator: 13-12-14

Raider: 11-15-9
Warlord: 1-1-3
Berserker: 7-2-7
Valkyrie: 14-13-13
Highlander: 15-16-4

Kensei: 4-11-15
Shugoki: 8-6-12
Orochi: 12-9-11
Nobushi: 10-8-6
Shinobi: 16-10-16

09-16-2017, 10:11 AM
1. Gimme some data:
- what is your max Rep
- who is your main(s) or If you play multiple heroes you can list them up if you want
- if you post in here, also check the "I participated" in the poll function (to see how many of you are)


max 76
-i don't know which is my main i have put all over 3 (level 1), i have 6 hero to rep 3/4...the max rep i have is:
-rider 10
-warlord 8/7
-valk 7
-berseker/ HL 5
-kensei 5

---...sorry i can answer only on this i don't have much time to read and traslate for myself because there are some points i can't understand (shame on me) XD...i hope this will help you or what you want create

09-16-2017, 03:58 PM
1. Gimme some data:
- Max Rep : 31
- Shinobi Rep 14 ; Valkyrie Rep 11

2. Perspective/point of view
Duel :
Peacekeeper > Warlord > Conqueror > Centurion > … (All the others) … > Shinobi > Valkyrie

Dominion :
Centurion > Lawbringer > Warlord > Highlander > … (All the others) … > Valkyrie > Shinobi

3. Reasons
Duel :
The good --> I put peacekeeper first because I'm old and my reflex aren't good. As a result, I can honestly say I block about 15% of her zones / light attack spam. Since she attacks and move faster than other heroes, she's always the one on the offensive and steamrolls me. I then put Warlord and Conqueror next because superior block is extremely good in duel, giving the edge to Warlord since his punish are stronger and because of hyper armor. Centurion next because his parry punish combo / grabs / stamina drain are much, much stronger than any other hero despite having only a 10 hp penalty on most of the other heroes (which is nothing). Again, from an old player with poor reflex perspective, once the Centurion grabs me, it's usually a 100%-0% even in duel. I can't counterguard break for ****. Some may argue I'm the problem for being "noob", but Centurion is the only hero in the game I just can't get away from when he grabs me once.

The bad --> Shinobi looks good on paper. In reality, the 90 hp is crippling. You have to punish someone almost twice as much as they successfully punish you to win the fight. Even if Shinobi is better at opening people up and have safer moves, I dont think his moves are "twice safer" than other heroes. Against a good turtle, you wont win trades enough to make up for the hp difference. Valkyrie is absolute TRASH in duels. Forget her heavy attack, her light attack without dashing is the weakest in the game and when dashing it adds 5 damage but any normal block gives a free guard break on her. The sweep and shield bash are easily dodgeable and gives a free guardbreak. Absolute trash.

Dominion :
The good --> Centurion ungodly ganks can 100%-0% anyone with an ally nearby and he has access to the broken catapult feat. Lawbringer has the 2nd best gank combo damage in the game (with a wall splat) and it can also ledge people, highest hp in the game to turtle up waiting for reinforcements and has access to broken bombs for team fights. Warlord is the best ledger in the game hands down. He could deal 0 damage all game long and still win a point just by ledging people over and over. I put Highlander next since he has very strong unblockable damage to win outnumber fights and a "catapult-like" 4th feat able to close games when both teams are breaking.

The bad --> Other heroes can disable much better and safer than the Valkyrie who often also trips her teamates in the process. The leg sweep doesn't even work against hyper armor, which everyone seems to have these days ... Her only ledging tool outside of headbutt is her shield tackle which will only push forward and needs to go into all block before she starts running ... which can't be more telegraphed than that. As for damage, other heroes can deal much more damage ... in fact, Valkyrie is so weak she ends up giving revenge to her opponent she tries to gank most of the time. As for Shinobi, very often, a single gank from a dead camera angle means death. Even if he sees the 2nd opponent coming, he has no real AoE attacks to stagger em both and his best moves (ranged GB sickle rain) can't be used when outnumbered. Not to mention, his reflex guard stance is SO BAD you can't even rely on it to block attacks coming from outside the target you're locked on. So you 1v1, Gank or run away as soon you're outnumbered. Last, Shinobi dies so fast that I can't remember the last time I got to activate revenge on my Shinobi unless you parry and outside attack ... otherwise, you usually die before the bar fills up even when using "revenge attack" 2nd feat, which I dont use anymore since it never activated anyway.

Another thing worth mentioning : Feats plays a major role in Dominion and some "classes" seems to earn renown much, much faster than others. The bonus renown is either badly distributed between the roles or the bonus values granted are vastly unbalanced. For instance, I would give assassin bonus renown for assist and not for 1v1 fights. Give the bonus renown for 1v1 fights to heavies that stay and boost zones.


I know I play Valkyrie and Shinobi and put them both dead last in both category. I do want them buffed (especially Shinobi) and I'm totally bias. I tried to stay objective as much as possible. My KDA with both heroes are > 3, but I do run often with good groups which probably boosts my KDA.

Also, as a Shinobi player, I find this very insulting : (Watch at 31:40)

I dont believe for 1 second "it was designed around team balance". The only reason bringing a full Shinobi team is a bad idea is because the Shinobi is bad in 4v4 modes with people ganking from every angles. There wouldn't be any issues at all for bringing a team of 4 lawbringers or 4 centurions. In other words, the gamemode is not designed around "balanced team", the whole "game balance" is atrocious.

09-16-2017, 09:28 PM
I'm rep 43 I think and depends on my play style I have 6 hero's lvl 5 and found they all have there short falls from certian heros but i personally love the shinobi got him to rep 13 his deflect makes him suite my play style the best but his short fall is low hp but you take the good with bad I do love orichi but his move Base it just aoe or top light with the shinobi i can mix it up even pull people of ladders or ledges above me

09-16-2017, 10:44 PM
I think everyone would love to see this. (I know balance changes have been on everyone's mind for some time now, and hopefully you all will be getting some updates soon). And this will be a good measure of comparison across multiple POVs.