View Full Version : Honor loss Issue (Tournament)

09-15-2017, 04:33 PM
So, i finally decided to play a few tournament matches, since i had the time. After playing a few, in got placed in a rank (diamond 1). I ended up getting into the finals match, my opponent was Unranked, while i was Diamond 1. I ended up losing 3-1, and ended up getting a 95% decrease in my rank. Since i started the tournament without a rank, all the players were unranked, even my opponent. Despite my opponent being of a higher rep than me , and being of equal skill, i lost a huge amount of my honor because he hadn't finished his 20 placement matches yet, and was considered as someone of much lesser skill by the system. It's just a minor issue, as i probably wont be able find any more unranked players from now on, but none the less, it's still an issue.