View Full Version : Bow/javelin vs bombs/pugio

09-13-2017, 06:45 PM
so bows and javelin received a damage nerf because it was apparently too much damage to a single target.

so now the pugno mortis of the knights faction does more damage than the bows/javelin from the samurai/vikings.
and it even has an aoe so it can hit multiple enemys. and even has some other utility like crealing out minions.

it even is harder to evade pugno mortis. a bow/javelin only needs a single dodge to evade but some characters cant even dodge+roll fast enough to get out of the explosion radious of the bomb like shugoki or highlander.

before the nerf the bow/javelin dealt 70 damage and pugno mortis 60 wich seemed fine to me. but now the bow/javelin only has 50 damage while it has less utilty than the pugno mortis. so i wonder if the damage of the throwing bombs should be lowered as well.

moving on to the next lvl 3 projektile the Pugio wich is exclusive to the centurion.
it deals around 25 damage on itself wich is not so much but the snare effect lets cent charge his heavy then fully charge the punch (wich deals damage becasue of the previously unlocked haymaker) followed by the eagles talon. all that will lead up to at least 90+ damage and stamina drain. making it far better than what the other heroes have as a lvl 3 ranged attack. soo maybe that needs some addressing too.

09-13-2017, 07:18 PM
agree... the fact that you will only hit a single target with the Bow or the Javelin which could be avoided very easy makes it much worse then the pugno mortis bomb.

The Devs should look at those dmg stats or give Javelin and Bow a pierce effect.. so you hit ALL targets in a line.

09-13-2017, 11:56 PM
I'll bring up the feedback about the pugno mortis, and the damage discrepancy between cent's level 3 and other ranged level 3 hero feats.