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09-13-2017, 05:46 AM
Seriously, I'm about to quit this game. For the past few weeks it's as though there is an invisible rule that says when you can and can't parry an attack.

There's really only two attacks in this entire freaking game that are too fast for me to parry, so why do I keep taking hits from perfectly timed parries?

I see an easy, slow attack coming from the side, parry exactly when I'm supposed to(I know the timing for parry, that's not the problem), and taaaa-daaaa! I'm dead because that hit was a heavy unblockable.

Wtf is going on?

09-13-2017, 06:17 AM
Well Am gonna assume you have the guard stance visible. YOU CAN PARRY almost every attack thet comes on you. Some are guaranteed like after being parry, thrown to the wall, thrown, Guard broken ... those you can' parry, everything else is parriable. How to perform parry? You click heavy attack button when the red indicator of the incoming attack FLASHES.

You are being hit for only reason. You keep missing the timing. That's the only reason anyone does. You need to practise more. No am not kidding. You are the problem not the game. Unless you have a sh*t PC and your connection is bad (like RED NAT) that makes performing anything in the game also hard,

My advice is try to perform parries on heavy attacks only, they are slower, it's easier to pull off. Block the lights. You can parry them as well but the timing is harder to pull off and you suggested you are a beginner so that may play a role in your problem. You just have't got used to it still. In time you'll be able to pull off parries on lights attacks as well. Don't rush it. Important role to parry a light attack s to anticipate where it will land and get the timing right..

Pls don't get mad at me for trying to help you. THX

09-13-2017, 06:26 AM
Thanks for that info, now read what I said.

09-13-2017, 06:29 AM
Well I was not strictly on point there. You parry and incoming attack by matching your guard with the incoming attack and clicking the heavy attack when the indicator flashes.

So you either don't bother matching you guard with the incoming attack OR you keep missing the timing on parry. Those are the sole reasons i can thing off that keep you from performing parry.


09-13-2017, 06:35 AM
I read it that's why i replied on it. LOL You said that you i quote "Know the timing on parry" yet the sole reasons for not performing parry can be ONLY missing the timing or not doing the parry rightly as i have written. SO If you don't want to acknowledge it then you can rage as you want, but it won't change a thing ....You are the problem not the game.

09-13-2017, 07:06 AM
Okay, bud. The timing is off, get it? I parry like crazy three weeks ago, now my guy will not parry. As in he doesn't attempt, he just takes the hit. Sometimes the same happens with block.

Get me now? I don't need any more practice with the timing, I've had it down since shortly after launch. I'm not green.

We on the same page?

I'm on Xbox for the actual mods who will read this. I don't want to flat out attribute this to the time snap, because it has progressively gotten worse since season 3 launched.

Anyone else experiencing this? I've felt as though the game is slowly degrading since timesnap removal.

Edit: To clarify, I will parry 2-3 attacks in a row, then suddenly my character enters an odd off-balance state, often caused by simply blocking a second opponent, which never seems to go away. So 1v1 I can parry non-stop(normally), but then it seems my character has delayed reactions after using normal blocks and can no longer parry.

09-13-2017, 08:29 AM
I feel your pain.You are not alone. But near all people who have problems just leaving dat ****.
I din't play pvp all season 2 this cause, just in one day my block and parry stop work. Season 3 start - wow, what a magic? i can perfectly block and parry.
But it's broke again. Last normal dominion match i got on double xp weekend.
I thinks it's kind of connection problem cause i always seen the unparriable guys. But last weeks the game is hell for me.
P.s. I don't end no one game with full teams, every match i see disconects. Disconects from winning team..

09-13-2017, 09:00 AM
Am a PC player and i have never encountered such problem. Don't know how to help you with that. Yet many friends i have that play on consoles say they also didn't have similar problems as you described. And you really don't need to be so salty, get it?

From technical point i would blame the connection. Because if it was a game problem many others would have noticed it by now. Yet they haven't. And from my experience on PC. Guys with low connection always had problems with parrying. Have you tried contacting the support? I would help them if you had footage of it as well so they can pin point the problem.

I understand its annoying yet you are complaining about sth which you haven't described very well, even I didn't understand you, mostly because i couldn't relate to it not having encounter it in the game.

So if you send footage to the support and post it here on the forums so devs notice it and work a fix for it.
No need for sarcasm, salt and all.
Wish you luck.

Mythic MK II
09-13-2017, 10:27 PM
You say that you know the parry timing, if so, then that is out of the question... doesn't that just leave the obvious stuff? Connection and Time snap... or lack there of.

But I need to know, as you haven't stated anything about this in your OP, do you see attacks come out faster than usual against you? If so, Lack of time snap making stuff faster (my case of why I miss parries or somehow am unable to CGB.)

Do you see your character do the parry animation (startup of the animation atleast) and it still goes through? Probably connection, and maybe Time snap as well.

Thing is, you haven't really given an indept look on what is going on. you say that you do perfect timing and that it still goes through.

Best thing we can assume is that you miss time your parry attempts.

Another possible thing is, but you need to confirm this on your own, is that you change guard stance a tad too late to parry an attack and try to parry the enemy but the trigger is too late.
This is something I had very often because my timing on parry and guard stance change seemed to be on the same time. (i.e I try to parry the same time I change guard stance, which in turn let's me guard change but que's my heavy instead of parry and letting the other player hit me instead)

Maybe you can give us some more details on this. Have you tried to just play against a practice bot and do parries and then go against a player and try it again? if the timing still fails it is most definately just connection.

09-14-2017, 12:36 AM
I have been experiencing the same for a while now especially when using gladiator. Some character's code is definitely broken; what I can consistently parry as PK, can go through my parry as gladiator.

I even went back to playing Valkyrie to sharpen my parry timing via her superior block on lights, and noticed some serious inconsistencies with it. Animations do not match the indicators most of the time, and if I try to rely on animation it fails most of the time. If I focus on just indicator flashing, it works.

So in conclusion regardless of whatever reason (timesnap or not) the attack animations do not match what's happening anymore.