View Full Version : PVE Bots gone insane.

09-12-2017, 01:19 PM
Tonight I got home put my daughter to bed and sat down to enjoy a few relaxing games of PVE Dominion,
I turned off matchmaking so I can just play some fast error free games, its my favourite way to wind down at the end of the night.

Anyway first game I enter all the points are captured by the enemy team within seconds, 3 minutes later the game is over,
My bot team (shinobi, warden, warlord) scores zero kills between them,
Meanwhile the enemy (gladiator, warlord, lawbringer, valkyrie) is getting 10 to 12 kills a piece,
Every bot on the enemy team was level 3 and every single one on mine was a level 1.

It was unplayable, the enemy ganked when breaking and coordinated taking seperate points and recapturing them seconds after I would cap them,
Meanwhile my bots refused to obey commands, instead wandering aimlessly, refusing to revive, refusing to capture points, just walking straight towards the enemy bots so they could be slaughtered like pigs in seconds over and over again.
alone I cannot beat four level 3 bots, I doubt many could if they're coordinated and your teams bots aimlessly wander far from objectives.

So I suffer a crushing defeat, I stare in utter bewilderment at the screen and start a new game thinking it was just a weird fluke.

Seven games I played and every game was the same, four level 3 bots on the enemy team, three level 1 bots on my team,
Every game was crushing defeat (bar one shard game because it was small enough that I could cap all the points single handed) with me forced to try to win the game alone every single time to no avail.

What the hell happened?
Dominion has become a horrorshow,
It was like a visit to the dentist, painful and aggravating.
Level 3 bots are awesome to fight and when they grace the enemy team the games are usually great fun but only if your team is balanced accordingly and not a huge liability.

Has this happened too anyone else?
Is it a glitch or is it purposeful?

09-12-2017, 05:07 PM
Sounds weird bro,. I can beat 4 level 3 bots in dominion every time. Never ever lost a dominion game vs bots.