View Full Version : Shinobi and Nobushi need some tweaking.

09-11-2017, 05:43 PM
SHINOBI: is by far one of the easiest characters in the game to punish

- He cant utilize any tools in his kit once engaged in a 1v1(x) situation because teleport dodging when someones close = a free grab (Make it so you cant be grabbed during a teleport?)

- Rolling away from multiple people with Shinobi often gets you killed mid roll due to the way characters snap to you (this is just a problem with rolling being pretty unreliable, I don't know what to do with this)

- Back flip is slow and doesn't give i-frames, often resulting in being hit during mid-flip. (maybe give it i-frames?)

- Ranged Heavies and Guard breaks putting you on your back for every class to get a free heavy (Make it so you don't fall on your back, but instead get pulled in for a free light attack, or make it so you can cancel/feint the ranged attacks?)

- Low HP on top of being super easy to deal with. ( I think the HP is fine if he wasn't so easy to punish.

- I'm not saying give him ALL of these changes, but one or two (Or all :P) would be nice.

- Basically, focus more on making him (and everyone else) a 1v1 character and nerf their ganking capabilities.

- A couple things you could do to Shinobi to nerf his Gank-Strength is make it so Sickle Rain doesnt hold people through an infinite amount of attacks, give them a quick recovery out of it after being struck by one of Shinobi's teammates, and make it so ranged heavies don't interrupt attacks.

- Before anyone says "You're just bad, Shinobi is fine" no hes not. EVERY top tier player would tell you he does need some buffing, other than the ones biased against his combat design.


NOBUSHI: Is also another very easy class to deal with in 1v1's

- Hidden Stance is alright against bashes, but its to expensive and doesn't give any real rewards most of the time (Remove the stamina regeneration delay, and reduce the stamina cost. Possibly make attacks that come out of Hidden Stance a little bit faster?)

- Her dodge attacks are alright (Sidewinder and Cobra Strikes) but are also very easy to parry so it seems like its best to use these as a defensive option. (Make it so you can use these at the very end of a dodge, but can cancel the dodge any time through with these attacks)

- Buff her light attack speed plz... theres nothing worse than having lights the speed of a PK's heavy, as someone who's educated in Naginata-Jutsu these weapons should be very fast when it comes to a simple poke. (Probably make her light speed on par with Valk)

- Her kick is slow, and doesnt even have hyper armor for being so slow. (Increase the speed AND give it hyper armor,before anyone says "waah, this is op" no, its not... Shinobi has a faster kick WITH hyper armor.

- Swift Recoil: Make it so she can use this any time she wants to, not just after blocking

- Idk if this is possible, but fix her zone and make it so you cant turn just before using it to make it connect instantly.

- On the contrary to Shinobi, I personally feel Nobushi does need ALL of these buffs, even with all these buffs shed probably be no where near as ridiculous as Warlord, Centurion and Gladiator

- I do know other characters are in worse shape than these two, but these two are the ones I have the most time into and can reflect good changes based off the experiences I've had, and have watched online.

09-11-2017, 05:44 PM
Sorry for the bad spacing between the two characters, I don't know how to edit and forgot to preview my post :(