View Full Version : Is there something wrong with Shugoki's Demon's Embrace? Because I'm triggered.

09-11-2017, 06:17 AM
Because HOOOOLYY **** am I fuvking pissed.

I just lost a tournament because I whiffed THREE, count em, THREE Demon's Embraces as Shugoki after a fuvking wall splat.

First one, wall splat, use Demon's Embrace (IT ACTUALLY FUVKING WORKS) and nope, somehow, magically, it's too late, guy spins out, lands about two hundred and forty seven heavies on me and also takes a three hour nap before ending the first round.

Second, I throw him into wall, use Demon's Embrace... and I use guard break. Wow. Wowie wowie zowie. I'm ****ing bamboozled. Does S+Middle Mouse Button not work?

Three, same **** as second. Throw into wall, use Demon's Embrace... guard break. I'm pressing the ******* buttons. I don't understand. Do I need to type in a code and THEN the buttons? Do I need to say the magic word before pressing them? Do I need to say Waga shuriari nanigoi suge? I don't know what the **** I need to do to have my inputs go in correctly but I press the exact same **** every single time and it works maybe 40% - probably only 33% - of the time.

I played against another Shugoki who told me he could do it 100%... with controller. Does that mean I need to buy a ******* controller? I have no ****ing idea. Mouse works with every single other move in the game but not with Demon's Embrace.

33% of the time I wall splat, it goes for Demon's Embrace like normal. 100% guaranteed.
33% of the time, I guardbreak, they guardbreak me back and punish the everliving **** out of me.
33% of the time, I do Demon's Embrace and it comes out millisecond too late for some unknown reason, and then my opponent runs to the store, buys groceries, makes a new bank account, marries his/her wife, has a beautiful daughter, comes back, paints a **** on my face, then heavies me once because I took out 99% of my health by whiffing, then heavies my dying body that is stuck in the recovery animation twenty more times before I finally ****ing die.

Seriously, why o why is doing Demon's Embrace such a lottery **** show on mouse and keyboard?

Other complaint: Why can people get a free guardbreak on me after a charged heavy that I HIT them with? Guy gets hit in the face with massive club, recovers faster than the guy who swung the club...? Seriously? They can literally be on the ground and still get up fast enough to GB me as I recover.

09-11-2017, 07:46 AM
Without being an arse, which I usually am, I'll just blandly say that "you timed it wrong".

There's nothing wrong or inconsistent about wall-splat. If you throw the target into a wall, the Dembrace is guaranteed 100%. The only reason this misses is if the input timing was too late, or some freak stroke of bad luck that somehow screwes up the positional-axial relation between the shug and its target...like uneven terrain somehow hindering your Dembrace rush and making it cut short.

09-11-2017, 07:48 AM
I know this pain all to well, and DemsEmb suffers from 2 small problems.

1. There is a slight delay between the throw and the DemEm, wherein if you press too early, you'll up GBing and bouncing off.

2. This one actually affects all characters, but there seems to be a sweet spot where if YOU'RE too close to the enemy when they wallspat, you get a very minor stun yourself (seems like they bounce off the wall and in to you) preventing you from getting your DemEmb off in time. This affects all characters top heavies as well (in my experience at least - a top heavy for me is only guaranteed about 50% of the time for me after a wallsplat, on any character with a slower top heavy). There does seem to be exceptions to this, I've never missed a Kensei top heavy post wallsplat before, probably because it chains.