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09-11-2017, 01:29 AM
Statistically speaking, I should not be the only person that has encountered these issues. Also, I expect to get a serious amount of flak from this post since I mainly play PvP as a Shugoki.

"Infinite" Chains
The problem here is certain combinations of moves can be spammed until the user runs out of stamina or the enemy dies. For the player on the wrong end of it, this results in a frustrating and/or boring fight. These are NOT the same as the Conqueror's or Berzerker's infinite chains as these were probably never intended to be infinite sequences in the first place. A few examples I have seen/been killed by:

Warden - Light to Shoulder Bash to Light (aka Shoulder Bash Mix-up on the move list), this can be dodged IF you have space to move sideways, but you are SoL if your back is to a wall.
Lawbringer - Attack to Shove to Grab (Strike then follow with the shove to damage then drain stamina. Grab opponent to restart sequence), opponent barely has any room the breath, even with stat boosts from gear.
Valkyrie - Shield Bash to Leg Sweep (Shield strike stuns and sets up for the sweep. By the time the victim stands back up, another shield bash is incoming), the recovery time for the attacker is short enough that the shield bash strikes in the middle of the animation for the victim standing back up.
Kensei - Swift Strike to Top Heavy Chain Finisher Cancel (Swift Strike to one side, then cancel the top heavy into a side heavy strike. Repeat sequence on opposite side, alternating left and right), Swift Strike gets block properties if done in direction of incoming attack and cover decent distance by default. The top to side heavy cancel gives them hyperarmor for the strike and is faster than performing the top hit.
Shinobi - Light Attack Spam (repeatedly hit your foe with light attacks, changing attack angle with each strike. Usually done as two strikes then a forward dodge to reset), this sequence drains little stamina for the attacker and puts the victim in two bad positions. If the victim can't dodge or block/parry, they get stunlocked to death. If they try to dodge, they lose lots of stamina attempting to disengage and make space, and the Shinobi gains a stamina advantage.

I'm pretty sure there are more sequences out there, and I do not want to find out about them the hard way.

Constant Dodging
This issue is exactly what it sounds like, opponents who don't even bother to block or parry. They just dodge backwards or sideways when an attack comes then counter with a quick light attack before backing up and reseting. This is especially annoying if they play a class that has attacks that can be performed from a sideways or backwards dodge.

The point of this post is to ask you guys "What do you think?". Ideally any infinite chains the player base finds can be recorded so everyone knows about them and countermeasures can be developed (eventually). For the issue with the dodging, I'm just asking if anyone has advice to mitigate the frustration of facing someone that uses that strategy.

07-01-2018, 09:40 AM
welcome to for honor where the devs dont care about balance and only want your money

08-03-2018, 08:40 PM
Infinite combos of LA are a major flaw of a claim for balance. As a LB player I assure you, you can interrupt the combo at each sequence before the hit, while the overhead is too slow to reach, leaving you safe from stun anyway if you block the incredibly slow attack. Also consider his stamina gets depleted fast unless he invests everything in stamina and you are a light class, at which point you shouldn't get caught in a shove to begin with.

With LA spam there is no interrupt due to stun lock. That is cheap and pure abuse. Takes away the fun of the game based on strategic combos and given so many vanilla engage options, not to mention special engages per some heroes, it is too much for any non-indoctrinated players to bother with. I find myself on that end. The high end of the skill spectrum doesn't make up the majority of the player base, so accessibility to interrupts/counters via several tactics is vital.

11-03-2018, 10:45 AM
There needs to be a way to get out of every move, or at least every second move, to strike the balance between countering and the fight going somewhere.
Fortunately Ubisoft realized that by now, compared to the early days of For Honor.

So now you just have to learn to dodge, CGB, block and parry well, unless you fight the ********urion.

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