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09-10-2017, 09:11 PM
OK, well I have been meaning to make this for a while but haven't because I thought the problems I have with these characters would be fixed, and what I am about to say may seem controversial but hear me out.

Peace Keeper and Warden are pretty much useless at high level play, lets start with the PK.
She has the fastest lights in the game and the fastest zone in the game. That's it literally besides that she has nothing else going for her, she has no opener and honestly cannot do much, especially when all you need to do is keep your guard at the left and just wait for a light to parry. Literally she is a worse version of glad, he has a better zone similar attack speeds and has unblockables and mix ups that even the Beserker would be jealous of. She needs an actual opener because at the moment she cannot do much, however in return I would slow down the zone so its only a little faster then Warden Zones.

Speaking of Warden where to begin with this one. Lets start with the reasons why people think he is OP. He has very fast top light especially now with time snap gone and a very fast zone attack. He also has a "Vortex" that locks you down and is a 50/50. Well now, lets begin with the problems with him, he can only really attack from the top meaning you will expect it and will be able to parry it most of the time. His zone may be fast, but.... gives a free GB on a block this even with time snap is dumb as this makes it so your literally a worse Orochi. Now his "Vortex" sorry guys but its actually crap, especially when all you need to do is dash backwards at the start up to dodge the entire SB normally giving you a free GB. Even when your out of stamina you can casually walking out of it meaning at most for them being out of stamina you got maybe 2 SB, when characters such as raider can have 50/50's that can make you go from full to half hp.

The main thing you could give to him is either making it so you don't get a free GB on blocking his zone or give him his stage 2 cancel back, as this is the time where if they dodge you can not do anything. Or maybe both if he still sucks that much.

I have concluded with this due to my time spending with high level players such as Setmyx, Truetalent, other rep 60+'s.

09-10-2017, 10:58 PM
Thanks for the feedback! We are currently working on all-around balance changes so it's nice to hear feedback on PK from a PC perspective (since we hear mostly about her from a console perspective). And the warden vortex issues has been brought up to the team before and I'm sure they're looking at it. We haven't been able to give too many details of late in regards to hero balance updates, but hopefully you'll be hearing more in this regard in the future soon!