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09-10-2017, 03:13 PM
An updated version of my orginial Townsmen Advancing

So the basic idea is simple, like in Anno 2070 there would be three types of factions, but instead of them being totallty differant from each other, they all have a purpose. When the game starts you begin with the "Workers" building branch, this branch allows all basic buildings and a marketplace, Workers would have four stages before advacing, they would be:

Peasant: Unlocks: Marketplace, Peasants Cottage, Docks, Warehouses, Basic food production, Basic drink production and finally back from Anno 1404, the Chapel (A suggestion would be for several types of religions or a tavern instead).

Worker: Unlocks: Workers Cottage, Tool Production, Stone Production, Shipyard, Second basic food production, Tavern and Tailors.

Store Assistant: Unlocks: Upper Store Flat (Allows shops to be building underneath it, each shop would specalizie in 1-2 goods, which when sold would give you a small amount of money, when a store isn't place there, it will have the apperance of a storehouse). 3rd Basic food production, 2nd Basic drink production, Glass production and Outdoor theatre

Store Owner: Unlocks: Small House, 3rd Basic drink production, Cobblestone road, Basic Factories (Probably just a long house with a small smoke stack at one end and processes goods 50% faster then normal), Silver Production, Small trade outposts (An idea from another post, which allows a certain amount of slots which you can import goods or seeds). Advanced Tailors and Small Monument (I had an idea which first came around in Anno 1404, what is the point of monuments when they provide little advantage apart from looking nice? Well my idea is that once you've reached the maximum worker level, you have to build a monument to unlock the next two branches, the monument would require about 25-50 tons of each goods and there would be three to choose from, each giving out its own advantage).

Now onto the next two parts, Aristocrats and Capitialists, both Branches require each other to work the most efficently but both have very differant buildings, while Aristocrats focus more on large raw resources (Plantations, Mines, ect) Capitalists focus on processing these resources (Factories, Processing plants). So here it is.


Farmhand: Unlocks Farmhand cottage, Medium farms (Larger or more fields) and Rural Stores

Farmer: Unlocks Farmers house, Large farms (Even larger or even more fields) and Several Mines

Land owner: Unlocks Large house, Exotice Farms and advanced mines

Aristocrat: Unlocks Estate house, Large Exotic farms and steam powered mines


Factory Worker: Unlocks Terrace house, Medium Factories and city stores

Foreman: Unlocks Lagre Terrace house, Large Factories and Processing pkants

Factory owner: Unlocks Town house, Exotic resource Factories and Steam powered dock (These docks can allow the construction of ironclads and heavy duty traders)

Captialist: Unlocks Inter-City Mansion, Large Exotic Processing Plants and Emporium (Sells all Middle level+ goods)

Once you unlock ethier a certain amount of Aristocrats or Captialist each can build three differant types of their own monument, you would need two differant monuments to unlock the final tiers.

Nobleman: Unlocks large rural decorative buildings, Huge plantations and Huge estates

Goverment Member: Unlocks Large urban decorative buildings, Huge factories and Huge Urban Mansion

09-12-2017, 12:42 PM
I like the idea of people having wagers, so they could pay their rent, buy food and drink, and go out for the evening? so money make the world go round, like being in the real world, having to use banks.

09-12-2017, 01:26 PM
Townsmenn advancement has remained unalteted since the dawn of Anno.

I seriously want to see them take this one step further, regardless of witch way they do this.

I support your notion!

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09-13-2017, 09:07 PM
Gotta say, this is a great piece of work!

I would realy like to see some form of different "factions" like we had in 2070 were you could choose your own approach on the topic of industrialisation and wether you want to keep the status quo or go full steam with the insdustrialisation!