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09-10-2017, 06:30 AM
See it talked about how it was removed here all the time.

What was timesnaps?

09-11-2017, 01:36 AM
Ok so - Timesnap:

I'll just quote here what we put in our 1.09 patchnotes for some background context:

eveloper comments: Time Snap is a legacy system we’ve had at the core of our fight system for a very long time. To be brief, it snaps actions at 100ms in order to guarantee synchronized contacts. The downside of this system has been input latency. During the course of production, we ran several investigations in order to estimate our input lag, and a few months before shipping we started to create exceptions within the time snap framework in order to improve input reactivity on guard switch for instance. After weeks of testing internally, we’ve decided to disable Time Snap entirely from the game in order to favor input reactivity as much as possible.

Essentially it forcefully synced inputs as a precaution to make sure all actions on the battlefield were aligned. So by gating all inputs and input registrations, it was like an extra enforcer of synced contacts. However, we realized that by doing so, it was further amplifying latency and lag. Hence our reasoning behind removing it.

However, of late, we have seen concerns raised about time snap removal and it would appear that these issues are occurring because timesnap was a sort of a crutch for these problems. While time snap removal was an overall improvement, problems that were hidden by it didn't come to light until it was gone. And we're working on addressing those problems for the overall health and improvement of FH as a whole.

Hopefully that helps to answer your question.

09-11-2017, 08:19 AM
Sounds confusing to me still, lol.

I guess it was like a system were whatever action you performed was put in a 100ms window to be paired with other's actions in that window, but that there was issues with actions registering in proper time?
So removing it helped over all but we still have issues with actions registering in proper time?

This is just guessing.
I'm also guessing that getting dedicated servers in Season 4 would help this issue a lot.

Right now, as an Orochi only player, I get frustrated with reflex blocking not registering at least half the time.
I know how reflex blocking works, I mean when the guard is clearly active and the block doesn't register.
I hope this improves sooner than season 4, but with season 4 at the least.

And thanks for the info.