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09-10-2017, 04:23 AM
1. Possibly a character from a germanic tribe? he could wield a larger, slower club that does a decent amount of damage and he could use a sling that has the potential to break an enemies defense.
2.A spartan, he would wield either a spear or a short sword and would move at a moderate speed and attack at a moderate speed.he would be most useful against light characters.
3.an archer that wields a long bow. he would also have a dagger as a secondary weapon.he would use fire arrows capable of setting fire to the foe dealing much damage, forcing the enemy to come closer.he has the capability to fight at short range but is light enough to run away effectively. this character would be useful against foes with light to moderate armor and a bit slower.
4.a chinese character that also wields a bow, except this character has a smaller more versatile mongol bow that fires multiple arrows at once to suppress and potentially damage your foe. He would wield nun-chucks as his secondary weapon in case the enemy gets close enough to attack.this weapon would be of moderate weight and would rely on the skill of the player to out maneuver the target.
6.an indian character, he would use a pike as his weapon of choice to attack at medium range. this would be useful for staying back be you must acknowledge that you are basically dead at short range.if this character could be utilized correctly in certain team situations he could be very useful.
7.another indian character that wields a chakram as one of his powerful attacks. and his main weapon would be an indian scimitar.this character would have moderate armor therefor moderate movement speed but he would have slow attacks. this type of character is flexible and could be used against any type of class in the right hands.
8.one more indian character idea, this character would carry an indian katara and could be considered super light. possibly difficult to play with but could overwhelm the foe if a player plays by the right cards.
9. an african tribal character. this character would wield an african shotel and would be used against shields, it would be useful against shields because the sword curves around like a sickle or a scythe. of course this would render characters that depend on blocking with there shield helpless.
10.another african tribal character, this character would wield two african hunga mungas. a light weight character with a moderate attack speed, useful against the standard character or even the heavy character.the weapons uses are also very flexible allowing the potential of lots of combos.
11. bonus. this isn't really finished, just something i thought of in my head, but how about a character with some kind of blowgun?