View Full Version : Ranking system: how does it work?

09-09-2017, 10:08 PM
seriously.... how does it work? Because i have the feeling the system is a god damn joke...

Im Gold 3 and played against an enemy which is Gold 3... i won so i get 5 points (which got my in Gold 4 so i got +27 rank up points)

Im Gold 4 and played in the final against an enemy which is Gold 4... i lost so i lost OVER 28 points and got instant back to Gold 3 WTF???

HOW can i lose 28 points in one match while i only get 5 points for winning against enemys who are the same Rank???

Unlike other Ranking systems (like in League of Legends) i have the feeling if you lose you lose always more points then you are able to win.

Can Ubisoft please explain how many points you get for what??? (I think we all know that if you face higher enemys you will get more points for winning) but i want nummbers.

09-10-2017, 12:16 AM
We've been hearing a lot of feedback about the difficulties of climbing from people, especially people in Gold and up. There's no details I can share on how the numbers for the ranking system works, but I can certainly get a suggestion over to the team to see if we can get more information out there on it. That all being said, the ranked system is still in beta and we may look to make changes to the progression to balance out the difficulty of climbing between ranks.