View Full Version : DLC Heros

09-09-2017, 07:33 PM
The DLC heros have so much more time effort and energy put into them in comparison to the old heros. If you look at their move lists its obvious... can we get some reworks on old heros instead of so much focus on new heros? the old heros are what brought in such a large crowd in and it feels like you don't care about them at all... but you love the Cent and the Glad. I would suggest you look at stamina pools of the new heros because they are insanely strong... if you dont want to nerf their stam pools maybe buff the Vanilla heros stam pools? its tough wanting to play this game when everyone just picks Cent or Glad and now with the new ranked its more obvious than ever that some changes need to be made PLEASE!

09-09-2017, 09:36 PM
Hi Shizzle117! We haven't stopped working on the original heroes by any means. Remember, the SP heroes can partly be designed in reaction to what already exists in the game. They are unique because we want them to add something special to the game in their own right. They've also been designed with what we've learned about making heroes since launch.

We are actively looking at ways to make Cent less frustrating to play against, and changes will be coming at some point. We've definitely passed along player feedback on (for example) Glad's toe-stab as well, and we're going to continue gathering feedback as players get more comfortable with the hero.