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09-09-2017, 01:40 PM
Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I've been a fan of For Honor since it first got unveiled back in 2015. Season 3's the best Season, so far, and I thought I'd contribute with my own ideas for upcoming Executions for our mad Scottish bastard Highlander and Centurion Lite+ Gladiator! I hope the devs stumble across this, or get linked to it.

Each Execution varies in length to have a mix-up of health regeneration rates, weighing risk and reward. The point where the Execution is deemed successful (when the enemy has officially karked it, can no longer be revived even if it occurs mid-animation and you're interrupted, and you get your health boost) will be marked in bold asterisks *like so*.

Also, I am copyrighting these just as a safeguard for my own design and concepts, so without further adieu, I hope you enjoy the read!

The Highlander

'The Tosser': After wedging his claymore into his foe, the Highlander grips the sword with both fists, one on the base of the pommel, the other on the crossguard, and hoists his foe high into the air, raining blood down onto himself *as the victim suddenly and violently slides further down the blade to the hilt*.
Taking an almighty spin, the Highlander swings his claymore as if performing a hammerthrow, his victim sliding from and launched off the colossal blade.

'Tee Off': The Highlander tears his claymore out of his victim, and grips it by the blade, before swinging the hilt upwards like a golf club, impaling the crossguard into his victim's chin. (Or base of the neck if from behind)
He then *wrenches the blade up, jerking his victim's head back (or forwards if from behind) and breaking the neck*, before finally tearing out the sword, and finishing with a decapitating swing.

'Headache': Tearing his claymore out of his victim, the Highlander swings it outwards, cracking his victim's leg with the wide of the blade and putting them on their knee.
He then vertically impales the claymore into the ground beside them.
Taking his victim's head in his big, meaty fist, their struggles and cries for help and mercy are futile, as the Highlander *slams and roughly splits their face into the waiting claymore's edge*.
The Highlander tears his sword out of the ground and his victim's skull.

'My Way or the Highlander Way': Tearing his sword out of the victim, the Highlander is overcome with a berserk rage. Discarding the claymore, he grabs his victim by the throat, and viciously punches his foe with 2 right hooks in the face, before finalising with a headbutt, and chokeslaming them into the dirt.
They briefly writhe on their back, dazed from the beatdown as the Highlander stands over them. They can barely lift their hand in plea, as the Highlander lifts his boot, and *brutally curbstomps his foe, cracking their skull*.
With them dead, the Highlander picks up his sword.

'The Guillotine': The Highlander backhands them off his claymore, causing them to collapse to the ground on their front, and begin attempting to crawl away.
Walking to their left side, he brings his claymore up, and slams the tip down into their right forearm at an angle, pinning them in place.
Squirming and struggling to no avail, the Highlander takes his stuck claymore in a two-handed reverse grip, and slams it down like a guillotine *severing both right arm and head in a bloody, messy motion*.
He then rips his sword free from the ground.

'Look! No Hands!': Tearing his claymore out of his victim, the Highlander casually sizes his victim up for a moment, before violently swinging his claymore up, *severing their left arm in a spray of gore*. The victim stares bewildered at their severed limb, completely unable to anticipate or stop the Highlander from bringing the claymore down, cutting off their right arm.
Now armless, the foe can do nothing but writhe and scream in pain, as the Highlander turns with the momentum of his claymore to behead his foe.

'Down to Earth': The Highlander pulls out his claymore, and slams the crossguard into his foe's face, stunning them.
He then plants his greatsword into the ground, and gets behind his foe, wrapping his arms thight around their midsection like a bearhug. With a rumbling growl, the Highlander lifts his victim off the ground, them kicking in a futile attempt to break the hold, before the Highlander brutally *slams them down onto the ground, head-first, snapping their neck*.
His victim remains in their awkwardly-broken upright position for a few moments, before gravity claims the broken corpse, and they crumple in a heap.

The Gladiator

'Heartbreak Homage': Ripping out his trident, the Gladiator slices his victim diagonally downwards across their chest, and back horizontally across their stomach, effectively eviscerating them.
His victim drops to their knees, and stares at his soon-to-be killer. The Gladiator returns the blank stare, before *driving his trident into his foe's chest, piercing their heart*.
Then, lifting his boot, he pushes the victim off the prongs.
(The 'homage' is actually to the scene from the movie 'Centurion', when Etain kills General Virillus in single combat.)
'Big Game Hunting': Ripping out his trident, the Gladiator first uppercuts his victim with his buckler, causing their head to jerk back and expose the throat.
Taking his trident in both hands, the Gladiator slices his victim twice across the throat, causing them to go limp.
Before they fall, however, the Gladiator impales the trident up through their chin, *swiftly decapitating them and simultaneously mounting their head upon his trident*.
With a bitter chuckle, he casually removes the head from his spear, and discards it.

'Get The Point!': Tearing out his trident, the Gladiator begins by placing the trident behind the inside of their left shin, and dragging back, the barbs shredding tendons and putting them on their knees.
Flipping his trident into a reverse grip, he brutally stabs his foe twice in the chest, before taking his trident in both hands, and stabbing downwards, *impaling his victim through the top of the skull*.
Satisfied they finally got his point, the Gladiator rockets a buckler-clad punch for their face to remove them from his trident.

'Twist & Shout': With his trident in the foe, the Gladiator promptly rips it from the victim, before backhanding them with his buckler, causing them to spin and have their back to him (he simply backhands them in the base of the skull if from behind).
The Gladiator then locks the haft of his trident across their throat, and turns so he is back-to-back with his victim. Taking his trident in both hands, he lifts his victim upon his back, briefly suffocating them, before *harshly jerking once and snapping their neck* with a bloodthirsty shout.

'Shishkabob': The Gladiator sadistically twists the trident, before ripping it out in a spray of blood, his victim clutching their stomach (or back) in abject agony.
The Gladiator then punches them in the throat with his buckler to stun them, before impaling the trident's base into the floor at an incline.
Then, grabbing his victim's head in both hands, the Gladiator *forces his victim's head onto the waiting trident, piercing their skull with the entirety of the trident head*, before he grips the haft, and tears it free.

'Bleed for This': Tearing his trident free, the Gladiator decides for something cruel and glorious.
Taking the haft in both hands, he skewers his victim in the groin, causing them to cry in agony as they grip the trident's base in a futile effort to pull it free. The Gladiator gladly helps them, ripping it free whilst simultaneously slicing their femeral arteris and wrists.
Gushing great gouts of blood, the victim falls to their knees, staring up at the Gladiator who so calmly places the tips of the trident to their throat, before at last *slicing their jugular* without mercy.

'The Golden Rule': Stabbing his trident into their foot, the victim can do nothing but stumble in agony, as the Gladiator brutally headbutts them. Helmet on head causes them to fall onto their back, and the Gladiator follows with them.
Straddling them with a bloodthristy frenzy, the Gladiator grabs them viciously by the throat with his right hand as he begins to rain down punch after punch after punch with his buckler-clad left fist. A total of five punches are landed, before the Gladiator slams both fists together down in a hammerfist motion, *smashing the victim into a comatose state to die from their wounds*.
Standing up and away from his victim, he tears the trident from their foot, letting out a calming exhale. Man, does it feel good to vent...

Hope you enjoyed the read! Let's see if we can get the developers to read these; I can't be the only one who'd want to see a couple of these on the Customisation menu for 7000 Steel a piece...

09-09-2017, 07:43 PM
I quite like the blunt force trauma executions (favourite right now is Valk headbutt) so certainly some of these I would like to see.

09-10-2017, 04:47 AM
Great ideas love them. I definitely want to see more bloody Highlander ones :D i had a post before for Highlander execution idea. It was about an upper cut vertical swing impacting at the shoulder, cutts deep, sword stucks in the victim who goes down to the knees and finishing him off using his cool dagger in his belt with a top head skull stab or cutting his throat. Flawless victory :D

09-10-2017, 06:48 AM
jeeze just reading some of these made me hurt a little. would definitely like to see some of those one of these weeks.

09-11-2017, 01:29 AM
Some super awesome ideas here! I'm going to make a special note about this to the team. Hopefully they can get some really good inspiration for future executions out of this!